Monday, February 28, 2011

Earth Therapeutics: Product Fail


Hey Chicas!

So Starting on Thursday night around 8pmish right after Vampire Diaries (which I have some bones to pick..but not the topic of this post), I just got hit with a MAJOR headache.  I'm talking huge, like just a pounding constantly on the left side of my head, but at first it didn't move around.  It is now Monday, and I'm still suffering from this flipping headache.  I'm talking not leaving the house since Thrusday morning when I went to the Scotties.  Its freakin' brutal.  I have been drugging myself with Tylenol Extra Strength, and taking the most that I can in a 24 hour period. 

Now on Saturday morning it wasn't too bad when I woke up.....but then 2 hours went by and, yup you guessed it it was back, full force.  Now yesterday I was good until 2ish in the afternoon then it came back.  But now its like to back of my left ear, and coming around the front of my face as well.  So obviously something is not too good in my head, perhaps sinus or something.  But this is not a normal migraine or headache. 

So I have picked up Earth Therapeutics Soothing Beauty it at Winners for like $8 a while ago.  So I figured that this would be the best time to really test it out.  It claims to be able to "Use our Soothing Beauty Mask chilled in the refrigerator to provide quick, reliable relief for strained, puffy eyes. Also great over forehead for temporary headache relief.  The unique gel formulation retains temperature longer than water-based fillers, harmonizing with the body's natural flow to soothe, relax and invigorate.  With adjustable velcro fastener to fit most head sizes."

First off, it does stay cool for a long time, but does it relive any pain....nope not mine at all!  The major issue in there is not enough space for my nose.

The purple line demos where it sits.  It not comfortable, at all!  To have it that low and still be able to touch my eye area, it failed miserably.  If it was cut higher it would be soo much nicer.

Recover-E Cucumber Eye Pads
The next night while I was having a bath, trying anything to relive the pain, I thought I'd try the eye pads.  They state "Infused with real Cucumber extract, Vitamin E, and a beneficial blend of nutrients, these pre-moistened treatment pads cool and soothe on contact - offering a convenient, one-step solution for comforting and replenishing the delicate skin around the eyes. Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile soothe, condition, and calm - while Vitamin E and Green Tea polyphenols are natural, yet powerful anti-oxidants that help skin to recover from the damaging effects of mental and environmental stress. Used regularly over time, these treatment pads help restore the skin. Tired eyes are pampered. Tired skin is nourished and nurtured. Puffiness and swelling are relieved. Dark circles are visibly diminished. Your skin will look as good as it feels ... rested, fresh, and radiant."

A lot of talk for a whole lot of nothing.  I think you'd get better results with an actual cucumber.  First off, you would actually need to keep them chilled, because as they are, they are not cold.  Cool maybe, but not cooled.  There is a good amount of product on the pads, and they stay on your eyes well.  But for thier soothing abilites....little to none.

So they both failed.  If you want the eye pads just for relaxing, then go for it, it did feel nice.  But for any actual results, don't expect any. 

I'm still looking for some way to remove this damn headache thingy.  Let me know if you guys have any tips.

Caitlin xoxo


Jane Kaylor said...

I am one of those people prone to headaches, migraine and colds. Usually, my first recourse is White Flower Embrocation (, also called White Flower Oil

Caitlin said...

Oh! Gosh thanks soo much, I'm gonna pick some up just so that I have it for next times (which hopefully doesn't happen, fingers crossed), just in case. Thanks for responding :)

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