Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hey Chicas!!

So as Halloween is now over (i kinda wish it would have lasted longer :()  Sigh....  I promised that I would show some pictures on my blog, of my costume, and I promised some coworkers I would take some pictures.  So I thought that this would be the best way to show them and let you my blog followers see what our costumes looked like.

So the BF had this idea this year, and I'm surprised that it turned out this good!  I was a Golddigger, and he was a Money Bags, cute right?  The best part of our costumes were they were 100% made by us, we didn't buy a costume set off the net or anything....which I think is the most fun of getting ready for Halloween.

So all in all it was a good night, and we had a lot of fun making it, and attending the house party.  I hope that your Halloween was lot of fun too!

Caitlin xoxo

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monsters Inc. Wreath

Hey Chicas!

So this is Halloween weekend, even though where I live we don't really have too many little trick-or-treaters but I still enjoy decorating for the night!

I always like taking something that is no longer being used and changing it up to be something else.  And with Halloween it is no different.  This is my latest creation, and I have to say I absolutely love it!!!!

It reminds me of the monsters from Monsters Inc., it must be the combination of the color and the big eyes!

 It is really cute and pretty darn simple to make, my wreath is about 17'' wide, with the centre hole around 4".

All you need is some fuzzy/furry material, I actually used an old pillow that was no longer being used.  They usually look like this, and we got ours at Wally-Mart. 
We were actually going to buy some fabric, but it was really expensive  like $25/yard, for a Halloween wreath, thanks.  I checked out Wal-Mart and they actually have a fuzzy rug, for about $20, that has a backing already, and it would make 2 wreaths, and you already would have the backing for the back of the wreath, so you have all your fabric.  For my wreath, I simply used some scrap pieces of fleece material, but anything would work, the fleece was the best color match, and since I'm a little anal retentive, color matching is a must for me, but don't feel that yours has to match!

Then all you need are a variety of foam size balls ranging from 1" - 2", I like the variety of eye ball shapes.  Then you need a black sharpie, to make the pupils, and I varied the sizes for more of a monstery feel.  Finally a small glue gun, and lots and lots of glue sticks, the color doesn't matter as it will not show.  These materials can be picked up at any dollar store.

So the steps.
1. Place the fabric good side down (fuzzy side) and trace a circle (mine is oval to maximize the size of the square pillow) to the desired outside size, and trace the inner circle (hint: make the inner cut smaller then you think you want it, as when you sew it up it will stretch)
2. Cut the edges and centre off, while holding the scissors on a slant so that you don't cut off a flat edge of the fur.
3. Place your fur cut fabric on the backing fabric and simply trace around the edges adding a 1/2" all around so that it can be more fluffy and hold more stuffing.
4. Place the good sides together (the fur side and good side of the other fabric) and stitch the outer edges together. (this can be done by hand or a sewing machine, either one works)
5. Turn right side out, and pull out the edges of the fur that have been caught in the stitching to allow for more furriness.
6. Stuff it!  I used the stuffing from the pillow I took apart, but plastic bags and fabric remnants will work too!
7.  Hand stitch the inner circle together.
8.  Stitch a looped end onto the back of the wreath for hanging, as shown above, I used some scraps of the fur so it blended.
9.  Heat up the glue gun!  It will be your best friend.
10. Make the pupils on the foam balls using the black sharpie, and making varying sizes.
11. Separate the fur apart on the wreath so you can see the bottom of the fabric it's attached to.
12. Place a big dollop of glue on the back of the foam eyes, and place on the wreath in the separated part of the wreath so it sticks to the fabric, not just the fur! (this will help the eyes to stay on longer and not wobble )
13. Repeat until the number of eyes suits you!

There are a lot of steps, but I stated little things that didn't really need to be, but what can ya do!

In total I spent only $5 on the foam balls, as everything else I had at home, so search around and see what you find, is there an old blanket, a fur vest/coat you can use.

Have fun making it and enjoy the weekend!

Caitlin xoxo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Military Jacket

Hey Chicas!

So the military trend has been on for a long time in the states.....but at least in PEI Canada, the trend really took off this summer and fall.  There are lots of options for affordable jackets at retail stores you can go to, and not have to order it on line.

I found an awesome weight one at Zellers from the Alfred Sung Pure Line (which is awesome by the way) and its perfect especially the in between weather, you know before you have to wear hats and mitts and long winter coats....that's coming soon enough, no need to increase the length of time you have to wear a winter jacket! 

Zellers even has this cool tool where you can build your own outfit to complete the look, which is great if you are not sure what will look good together and work. 

The jacket is the perfect color, and the waist band really cinches you in and gives you a figure in such a man inspired jacket look.

Image: $20ish
WalMart has another is from the Miley Cyrus line...but really have you looked at it in a nonjudgmental light, you know when you don't take into account who it is that "designed"them because some things are really super cute.

This jacket will sit right above your hips and has the big bold buttons which really makes this trend, the key is they aren't load and obnoxious but muted in color so its wearable.  If you looking for a good deal to be in style...this is it.  Did you notice the little layering of slight ruffles at the bottom?  Makes it more girly!

Image: OldNavy Website $50ish
Old Navy also has an option for you...I saw one in the store a few works away in town, but I can't find it on line, so is for all you girls that want a warmer jacket to lead into the horrid cold months.  The color is amazing and the shearling fur is HUGE this year...its a must have! (and that's my excuse for needing buy another jacket).  Its also available in a creamy color, but I recommend you stick with the green, might as well ride the trend.

Image: OldNavy Site $80ish

They have another that is a longer jacket and just as cute.  It has the cute around the collar, which is great for the winter and you can also get in the creamy color as well.  I would say that this coat, if you need to buy a new winter one, should be it, it has a long of trends wrapped up into one, but still remains not to trendy or over the top..sometimes that's hard to find.

I'm sure there are some other options out there, but these are the ones that I've found and love!  I hope you find your best look to rock the trends too!

Have fun shopping!

Caitlin xoxo

Professional Work Makeup

Hey Chicas!

So it has been over a week since I've done anything in regards to this blog.  For that I do apologize. I have been sick, but I have a good excuse......I had some sort of infection or virus....or maybe both! That affected my under eye area....making it super red, puffy and dry scaly looking skin.  Yeah so my makeup application was not easily done nor was it easy to read or type anything.

So my first attempt at making a video in a long time...but I know you guys like to have things written out and tips and tricks...but please let me know what it is you want me to talk about...I have some ideas but I'd like to look at some of your concerns to help you.  So feel free to leave comments on things you want to know about!

I will add some more pictures tonight when I have access to my own computer.

Complete List of Products:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Annabelle - Buff Naked
Annabelle - Helium
Annabelle - So Foxy
LOreal Intense Liquid Liner - Earthen Brown
Estee Lauder No Smudge Lengthening Mascara

Contour - ELF Warm Bronzer
Highlight - Hard Candy Baked Blush Crushed Blush - Honeymoon
Estee Lauder - Plum Nuance 60

Estee Lauder - Rose
Gosh - Black Sparkle Lipgloss

Hope that this professional and work appropriate makeup will help you in the mornings get ready.  It is important to look polished but you don't want to look crazy with makeup colors and application, this look below is a way to get the style of smokey eyes but in colors and ways that you can totally wear to the office, or meetings.

So stay tuned for more updates more often...promise

Caitlin xoxo

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Look

Hey Chicas!

So I was definitely inspired by the changing leaves out my window this past weekend.  And I very rarely act upon said inspiration, but there is always a first for everything.  See my issue is that I'm a perfectionist......yes I said it but don't expect to see it very often is this blog...less of course I get more personal, and of course if people want to hear my life issues.....which I doubt it.

Anyway, no one cares about that first paragraph, you likely all skipped down to this one, so I'll try to make it more interesting.  The products, as I always try to ensure, are drugstore products that are reasonably priced with great color payoff.

Makeup products used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
ELF - eyeshadow base
Eyebrow Fill
Various Colors from e.l.f. Studio Mini Makeup Collection - Eyeshadow
NYC White Kohl Liner
Revlon Total Lash Fantasy- Blackest Black

e.l.f. Studio Mini Makeup Collection- Bronzer
e.l.f. Studio Mini Makeup Collection- Blush

e.l.f. Studio Mini Makeup Collection - 3 different colors

Basically, I wanted to show you how you can use one palette for the whole look.  There is no reason on your traveling to take a big makeup bag (or 2!), it is quite versatile palette, and if you'd like I can do more look using it....just comment and let me know!

So that's it and here is the video, on how to get the look!

Caitlin xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pink Chic - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Chicas!

So I thought that in honor of those who have had breast cancer, those fighting it, or those who have lost loved ones, that I would do a very wearable pink makeup look.

The look is super easy and fast to apply, I use only Annabelle eyeshadow and all drugstore products, except for eyeshadow primer. The brushes are all ecotools from various different kits that I have.

List of Products:
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow
- Buff Naked
- Sugar Dust
- So Foxy
- Helium
Loreal Liner Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner - Earthen Rock Brown 630
Revlon Total Lash Fantasy - Blackest Black

Milani Duos - Sunset City
Hard Candy Blush Crushed - Honeymoon
NYC Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow
Joe Fresh blush - Pink

Lip Balm
Covergirl Outlast Lipstain -400
OPI Lipliner - L20
Revlon Colorburst - Baby Pink
Rimmel Vinyl Lipgloss- Snog

So this look is very soft and romantic.  It can be worn everyday for a very flattering look for all skin tones.  So I hope you enjoy my version of honoring those dealing with breast cancer.  For the video on to get this total look just click below!

Caitlin xoxo

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How-To Clean: Makeup Sponge

Hey Chica's,

The part 3, the final installment on makeup brush cleaning!  Excited? too!

There is a lot of controversy with makeup sponges as applicators for cream or foundation.  Some people hate them some people love them.  I have a love then hate then love then hate...well you get the idea....relationship with them.  I use them for a few weeks, then all of a sudden I hate the application then go back to a foundation brush, then switch it again.  I can not explain to you why I do this....I just don't know.  But I do know when I love it....I REALLY LOVE IT! hehe.

Anyway, my most favorite (there goes my English) ones to use are from QUO, the shoppers drug mart brand, they are nice and thick, and don't absorb all the makeup into them, it just sits on top, so you don't have to use twice as much product YAH!!!

Anyway totally not a review....get back to how to clean them.  I think it is such a waste to use once then throw away, I just don't get that mentality especially with more then a $1 sponge...a lot more.  I have come up with a way to clean them, so they can last you at LEAST 3 months.  I have had mine longer that, and they are still going!
Not that I expect any one to be able to read this, haha. 
But it does show the techniques that I talk about below, visual are always great!

What you need....your face wash...up that right your face wash, water and a paper towel, that is all!

Simply place the sponge under the water to get it wet...then one pump of your facial cleanser and simply rub it in and work it in until the water and soap becomes clear.  This step may have to be done a few times.  The reason you should use your facewash, is it can clean the makeup off your face, so it will clean the makeup off the sponge, as well you know it doesn't irritate your skin, so you shouldn't have any reaction to it.

Once it is clean, don't worry about the staining of the sponge, just because these is still a beige colour on it, doesn't mean it isn't clean.  Then simply place the sponge on a wire rack, or hang it by a clothes pin, so that the airflow can get to all sides of it for an even dry (so no bacteria can form one side).  When it's dry its ready to use again!

So that is my little series on how to clean brushes, if you want more detail, or just more how to clean things me or comment, and I'll see what I can do.

Caitlin xoxo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How-To Clean: Foundation Brush

Hey Chicas,

This is part 2 of how to clean your makeup brushes.  I didn't want to shove too much information in your face in one post.  I think that I may tend to ramble a bit in these, they tend to be soo long. :P

So for foundation brush to be cleaned you'll need:
olive oil
baby shampoo
paper towel

Because foundation is generally a cream or liquid consistently many use a foundation brush to apply them.  They usually are made of synthetic bristles.  Like the one to left.  This allows for a smoother application.  The issue is with cleaning them.  Regular baby shampoo will not work.  You will still have reside between the bristles, which causes the application to suffer.

The residue on the brush are of an oily consistency, to break that down, you will have match it.  That is where the olive oil kicks in.  The oil will break down the oil in the brush, plus it is very moisturizing and will not dry out the bristles. (bonus your hands will be super soft after this)  You will wet the brush..following all the rules of the previous post...and apply a dab of olive oil in your palm, then just swirl the brush around, just like a paint brush to help break down the oil.  You will most likely have to spread the bristles apart and work the olive oil in between them, that foundation is tricky stuff!  Just rinse and repeat until you have no residue left.  To finish it off, do one more thing, use baby shampoo to eliminate any remaining oil, squeeze off excess water with paper towel, and dry using the same technique as other brushes.

This process could be repeated weekly, because bacteria from your face can transfer to the brush, and since its a moist product (foundation) bacteria can grow all on its own too.  You don't want to be applying your foundation along with oil and bacteria back onto your face.  Also the application will be better with a regularly cleaned brush.

Hope this helps you guys, keeping your brushes squeaky clean!

Happy cleaning!
Caitlin xoxo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How-To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey Chicas,

So many people talk about how to apply makeup and things, but the how to clean the brushes is not so available.  The ones that do have them are generally supporting a certain kind of cleanser to use.  I have a quick, cheap and easy way to clean them, and some tips on how to increase the life of your brushes!  Remember they are expensive...treat them well. :)

First gather your brushes...if you have a lot and not enough time, take them in sections to clean.  Such as only eyeshadow one day, and facial ones the next.  This way you can do it without spending hours doing them.

You don't have to wash them daily...I would actually adivse you not to.  Daily washing will dry out the bristles.  I should likely wash my brushes more then I do, but I do find it hard to find time to clean them.  Bad excuse? Yeah, but its the truth!  

I would say once a week for your facial brushes, such as foundation brush, and concealer brushes, would be pretty good and very keen!  Because these are the brushes that are touching your skin, and any oils that are on your face before your apply any makeup as well as some of the cream on your face.  If you have sensative skin, or are prone to breakouts, you should mostly definitely wash your brushes once a week.  These are the burshes that generally in contact with liquid/cream/gel products and when objects are wet/damp bacteria can grow on them, causing you to be putting the bacteria back on your face, leading to more breakouts.  You have to break the cycle!

Now that the lecture is over...haha.  Sorry, but had to explain the importance of cleaning them! We will move one to how to clean them.

You'll need Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, olive oil, paper towel, and a towel.


Always hold your brushes with the brush end down, when washing them.   If you are holding them up and letting the water drip down the bristles, that water will end up going down the bristels, into the metal that connects the bristels to the handle, causing rusting/breaking, and into the wooden/bamboo handle.  The water will slowly cause rot, and soften the joints, which will cause your brushes to begin to waddle in the handles, shorting the life.

Get the nonfoundation brushes wet and apply a quater size amount of baby shampoo to gently rub it between the bristles, you can also very gently swirl the brush in the hand like you would a paint brush.  Never let the water push the bristles apart, you will never get the brush back to the same state again.  Rinse and repeat until the shampoo is clean and no more residue is showing, squeeze the water out of the brushes, and reshape to the orgingial shape, so it can dry correctly.  Finally set the brush over the edge of a counter/table so the brush head is not touching any surface.  If you simply lay it down you'll have a flat brush, because the bristles cannot expand and go fluffy  when it dries.

Never stand up your wet brushes to dry ever!  As for the reasons mentioned above you will shorten the life of your brushes and they will not dry correctly.

Well I think that is a long enough post for today....check back tomorrow on how to clean a foundation brush!

Caitlin xoxo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drew Barrymore Inspired Look

Hey Chicas!

 I just received the 2010 October issue of Harper's Bazaar.  And Drew Barrymore is on the cover, now I'm not usually a huge fan of her style, just a little to hippie for me...but lately she is growing up!  I loved her look in the mag, and her look is so easily achieved, and totally wearable for day or night.  So I thought I would give it a go.
Here is the look from the mag...sorry for the quality, but its a picture of my actual magazine.  Now, Drew Barrymore is a CoverGirl, but I don't have too many Covergirl products, not that I don't like them, I just don't have too many of them.  The mag states the exact makeup that was used in the shoot...
-Clean Liquid Makeup
-LiquidLineBlast Eye Liner in Black Fire
-LashBlast Length Mascara in Black
-Eye Enhancers 3-Kit in Shimmering Sands
-Cheekers Blush in Brick Rose
-Continuous Color Lipstick in Pink Chic

That list differs from my list quite a bit, but the outcome is the same and they are mostly drugstore products except for one, and even that can be duped, I just didn't have one.

Well in my opinion the looks are pretty darn here is my list
-Annabelle Vanilla Chillia 
-Annabelle Buff Naked
-Annabelle So Foxy
-Annabelle Bronzed Idol
-Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner in Black
-Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara in Blackest Black
-Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Sheareest Cream Blush in Ginger
-Malani Sunset Duos in Sunset
-Hard Candy Blush Crushed in Honeymoon
-Mac Hello Kitty in Pretty Baby
-Malani Lipstick in Hollywood City
- Maybelline Lipgloss in 620

The comparison shot.....
what do you think?  I love it!

If you want to get this look...check out the vid below!

Caitlin xoxo