Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is Coming.....

Hey Chicas!

So tomorrow is Halloween.  I know that some people are anti Halloween, I think, that they don't think that they can dress up anymore when they get a little older.  Well those people are.....well....wrong!  You can still have loads of fun with it.

On Friday night Andrew and I went down to Belfast Corn Maze with another couple.  Let's just say that it was super crazy, and the boys had the flashlights, but when something crawled out from the corn maze and grabbed our legs, we just took off.  We did manage to stop after our sprint, but only once we realized that we didn't have a light and we couldn't see anything it was pitch black.  We had left the boys behind with the flashlight, along with our mitts!  So it was a great night, the maze was really well planned out and done, not overly scary but just enough.  Its a definite must see for next year.  Just click the link above to check it out.

The fiance and I went to a house party last night.  Yeah, one that I was notified about on Friday night after work.  So the planning stage of my outfit was way, way more limited than what I'm used to.  Lets all keep in mind, for those that don't know, when I got back from Fashion Week I got Strep Throat, so that's still totally hanging around. And after being out in the weather the night before, with all that wind, it really didn't do me any favors. 

Last year we went as couple costume, which was pretty good.

Click on all images for a larger size.

So this year we had to do it better.  But with a smaller time frame it was hard to do.  Andrew was out of the province for the day so it was all up to me.  Luckily the night before we had a pow-ow with the other couple for costumes and came up with something for everyone.  I was going to go as Black Swan, and Andrew wanted to go as Goose from Top Gun. (if you are reading my blog and don't know what Top Gun is, go rent it, watch it, and then come back!)

It was a lot harder to get Andrews figured out surprisingly as they don't really sell olive green coveralls anymore, don't know when that happened, but the are all blue.  So I grabbed a par of old beige ones from my dad, and decided to dye it.  

Did you know that polyester doesn't take dye that well.  Yeah well I found that one out the hard and long way.  So at 5:40 last night we had to go and find another option (we as in me and my mom).  We ended up getting a painter coverall's; you know those white zipper ones with a hood, and a can of "Camp Green" spray paint.  I was just going to cut off the hood and make it a collar, and spray paint the crap out of it.  Mine was mostly just some feather boas, for a skirt everything else I already owned.   

Our costume  totals came to $23 for Andrews, and $12 for mine.  That's pretty sweet for all DIYed costumes.  As that's how we roll, no bought costumes in this household!

Happy Halloween!!
Caitlin xoxo

Looking for a quick DIY fun and festive wreath check out my Monsters Inc Wreath from Halloween 2010, you can be sure that baby is up this year!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

LG Fashion Week: Wednesday

Hey Chicas!

Today was by far the craziest of all!  All because of Korhani, Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh tonight.  They were awesome.

The most theathrical show had to go to Korhani, I had heard they were unbelievable, but I'm not sure anything could have prepared me for this...
Property of CaitlinChic

Property of CaitlinChic

Pink Tartan was beautiful, whites and creams, pops of bold neon colors, feminine flowy full skirts, polka dots, and my fav, the return of a shirt dress, but with a fuller skirt!  I'm in love...

Joe Fresh, is one of my personal favorite designers, wish PEI had a better selection of clothes though.. Again there was creams, white, still a little bit of nautical flare with the navy blue, and hits of neon yellow!  Love the colors and cuts for the guys too, nice to see the men represented here as well.

They had a bag on the runway that I need to get once spring comes, like sersiously need to have it!

Oh does this lovely famous model look familiar?

It was incrediable!  Can't wait for today.

Caitlin xoxo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LG Fashion Week: Tuesday

Hey Chicas!

Couldn't even think about blogging last night.  All those tweets tired me  No but Seriously getting up at 4:21 am (see this post to hear about that).and not being able to get into my room until I returned at 10:30 pm that night (hotels and their stupid rules..gosh).  Made for a long ass day.  All of which I loved.  It was totally exciting, which also makes you forget, that you yet to have any breakfast etc. all of which was totally my bad.  But today guess who is paying for it, me.  

I decided that food this morning was more important than sleep, but since I've had breakfast, I've had to take out my contacts because my eyes kept beyond annoying.  Hopefully a mid morning nap will be just the ticket for good afternoon and a great night.

So I thought that I would include some pics from yesterday, there won't be too many of the shows yet, I need time to review those and post them with comments.  Since this is my first Fashion Week experience I can't seem to spin out an opinion quite as fast other bloggers.  So I'm so the posts about fashion week will continue into next week.  Which isn't that great for being on the cutting edge of things, but it's the best that I can do.

It was unbelievable walking up to the area yesterday...

I didn't get any pics of the inside...I will today.

Here are a few of the outside posing area.

 Here are some of me on the actual runway for FW it was extremely exciting.

Today will only be better, if I can make it!

Caitlin xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Toronto!

Hey Chicas!

So I have made it to TO.  But it was not without some drama.... because the best kind of trips start with drama right!? (that's what I'm telling myself, just let me have it!)  Sop the plane was leaving @6AM so to get all dolled up and get there an hour before I figured that 3AM would be perfect.  Well not perfect but about as good as it can be at 3am in the morning!

I wake up on my own AT 4:21AM!  Yeah you totally read that right!  I have over slept a whole hour and a half.  All my prep time styling my hair, doing my makeup was gone!  I was soo upset about that mistake that I started to cry.  So my get pretty time, dwindled down to 40 mins (which was pushing it!) to get my hair washed, styled, dressed, and out the door to the airport.  

So obviously that all didn't happen, thank goodness that I had all my clothes packed up, but talk about the adrenalin pumping early in the morning!  So what got missed, well my hair is dry, that's about it, and my makeup didn't happen.  If you follow me on Twitter you know this already.  Something had to give and eye makeup was it!

But all in all the flight was good, the view was pretty fantastic with the sun rising.

Whenever I fly I always think of the Care Bears, you know Care Bear countdown style!  I don't know why but I do, and that always makes me smile!

I'm here, eye makeup is done in half a fashion in the airport bathroom....gosh they have terrible lighting!

You totally can't see it but whateves, that makeup bag was my life line this morning!

At least I think that I look presentable enough to walk around until noon.

Caitlin xoxo
Care Bear Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashion Week

Hey Chicas!

Can you believe it!  On Tuesday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I will be on my way to Toronto!!  OMGoodness I can hardly stand the excitement/nerves.  This will be an experience that I will for sure remember for a very very long time (like forever)!

This weekend has been full of planning my outfits for the three days!  Let me tell you, it's a little  lot stressful deciding what you are going to wear when you know you are going to be around the fashion industry leaders!  That just puts on a whole other level of self doubt right there! haha

I think that I have it all down....I think.  Not going say that were won't be some changes as days pass, but its pretty close.  So because I'm slightly Type A (that's my story, no matter what Andrew has to say about it), I have the three days totally planned.  Yup, I do right down to the earrings..hehe.

So be sure to follow me on Twitter... @CaitlinChic.  I'm sure that for this week up in TO that will get a lot more use than it has for the past year.

I'm soo excited!  Not to worry, I will share every moment with you.  As long the good ol' technology likes me!  Cross your fingers!

Must go pack my makeup...and that my friends is no small task!

A little teaser.....a look that will be up this week.....hope it makes you want to come back!

Caitlin xoxo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colds and Shopping!!

Hey Chicas!

So its less than one week until I get to attend Toronto Fashion Week all thanks to L'Oreal Paris Canada!  Don't know what I'm talking here for the first, here for the second, and here for the news!

So last minute last week, we decided that we would go the Maine for the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.  So with the last minute planning for the trip, the blog got left, and today is the first day that I had the energy to post anything.

So of course I felt a cold/flu bug coming on the day that we were going to leave.  I was like "umm...nope this is not happening now!"  So off I went to trusty Shoppers and got me some Cold-FX.
I had used it last year on the trip to Montreal, and it definitely kept the bug at bay.  I took it again this time and it worked. Mind you I wasn't jumping for joy in Kittery, but I was able to function.  And function enough to shop, and shop well, by the third day of this stuff I just had the lingering effects of a cold, it never got any worse!

So as the season for colds and flu come up, and if you're seriously into shopping, and stocking up on Fall/Winter Trends (as I may be prepping outfits for next week...).  Look into this products, to make sure its good for you (and if any other prescriptions may not play well together), you have been warned.

I purchased the three day supply to really kick it out, and it does seem to work really well.  If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.  You don't want to miss any time shopping (that may just be fetish too...still deciding on that factor).

I actually may just purchase another package to have in my bag, just in case the bug hits me up in TO, I need to be on my game for that!

Caitlin xoxo.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yup......another Lamp Post

Hey Chicas!

My name is Caitlin and I have a lamp fetish.  Yeah, that's what I've figured out.  No matter where I am if I see a lamp, I have this inner voice telling asking me to buy it.  I really don't understand where it steemed from.  Like if you like to hoard collect things, generally it's becuase at some point, things were taken away from you.  I can never say that a lamp was taking away from me.  What?  You don't think that it's the same level...believe me if you were in my head, it would be.

Where was "problem".  Every where I go I always zero in on lamps, Winners, WalMart, Habitat for Humanity, auctions, thrift stores..see my drift.

So I was at Habitat for Humanity and zeroed in on my very ugly dated lamps.  Complete with the pleated shade.

There were actually 4 lamps that  I got in total, made up of 2 different styles.  They were marked at $15 a piece, so I was mentally calculating the costs to fix them up.  Because you can get awesome shades at a good price at Winners/HomeGoods so I figured, sure why not, I liked the lines and shape of them.

See the $15 price tag, well that's not really what I paid for them....

 You notice how the 1 is kinda rubbing off....obviously they had been sitting there for a while.  Other peoples loss is totally my gain.  There was an older lady working the cash, and she missed that little 1 before the 5 meaning they were rung in at $5 a piece!  I got all 4 lamps for under $22, taxes in, so a total score. :-)

They needed a little love, as I'm not really feeling a dusty pink with cheap shiny gold, just not quite my style.

Before pics for your enjoyment...

I actually took the lamp apart, and sprayed each piece individually (you totally don't have to do that you could just spray it together, whichever way floats your boat).  So after it was taken apart, I wiped the lamp down as it was major dirty/grimy, likely from the 80's.  First I grabbed Rust-oleum Spray primer in Grey to ensure that the shiny areas would take the paint.  Then I took Rust-oleum Navy Blue Gloss spray paint for the actual color.  It was amazing to cover, I really do think that the primer makes all the difference.  The whole process took about 2 days, as I let the parts for a set/cure for one whole day just to ensure that it was all set.  Better to be safe than sorry, I hate nicks and bumps, so anything extra to help avoid it is wonderful.
 The $5 lamp doesn't even look the same anymore....

The color is gorgeous deep true navy blue.  Sorry all the pictures were taken at night, the mornings are just to rushed to attempt pictures.  I think that the bottom middle color is the truest to real life color.  The difference that $12 in spray paint, and $20 drum lampshade can make. (It took me forever to find an off-white drum shade, ended up paying more than I wanted to at Sears but hey, I'd been looking for 2 weeks)  The coverage is excellent, and the cost is still well below what a good sized new lamp would run you.  Plus with this excellent color, they now match the bedding set, which, is nice, as the pink didn't really go!

So just one more look at the comparison.  Plus that white shade gives so much more light to the surrounding area, then the god awful pink.

So for few changes the impact is huge, really the paint and shade totally changes the look and feel of the lamp.  Before it looked totally dated and now it looks modern.  A definite score :-)

Have you done any DIY like makeovers lately?

Caitlin xoxo

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Toronto LG Fashion Week by L'Oreal Paris!

Hey Chicas,

So do we all remember those little posts that you guys saw a few weeks ago, begging requesting you to watch a video and comment and vote.  No? Oh, how embarrassing is that....well click here and here for a refresher of my uncontainable excitement.

The basics of the contest was to create a video which I did you can watch it to get up to speed...

I got this look (oh and a big thanks filled with x's & o's to Linds for standing above me on my bed to take some shots, yeah you read that right on the bed, quite the sight)

Anyway, I got a lovely email from L'Oreal Paris Canada notifying me that I am the Grand Prize Winner!

OMG, can you image it!  It's been a week since I've known, and I still  get goosebumps just thinking about this opportunity.

In 2 weeks, I will be getting ready to fly out to Toronto!  My goodness, they chose, to go to Toronto.  I want to send out a big thanks to everyone who have supported me in this en-devour, my blog, my YouTube channel, watching and leaving comments.  You have all made this possible! (I'm not generally good at thank you's a little smile, a hug, and that's about it, highly underwhelming for this type of opportunity!)

L'Oreal Paris Canada announced it on their Twitter page Sept. 27th!  I was so excited, because that meant that I could tell people about it :-)

So with that I figured that I should learn how to use Twitter...a task in it self!

So I'm so excited!  I will fill you guys in on the dets, once they are all confirmed, and please follow me on Twitter @CaitlinChic as I'm assuming that most updates when I'm up there will come from that avenue!

Now I need to go and figure out outfits to wear!

Caitlin xoxo