Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colds and Shopping!!

Hey Chicas!

So its less than one week until I get to attend Toronto Fashion Week all thanks to L'Oreal Paris Canada!  Don't know what I'm talking here for the first, here for the second, and here for the news!

So last minute last week, we decided that we would go the Maine for the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.  So with the last minute planning for the trip, the blog got left, and today is the first day that I had the energy to post anything.

So of course I felt a cold/flu bug coming on the day that we were going to leave.  I was like "umm...nope this is not happening now!"  So off I went to trusty Shoppers and got me some Cold-FX.
I had used it last year on the trip to Montreal, and it definitely kept the bug at bay.  I took it again this time and it worked. Mind you I wasn't jumping for joy in Kittery, but I was able to function.  And function enough to shop, and shop well, by the third day of this stuff I just had the lingering effects of a cold, it never got any worse!

So as the season for colds and flu come up, and if you're seriously into shopping, and stocking up on Fall/Winter Trends (as I may be prepping outfits for next week...).  Look into this products, to make sure its good for you (and if any other prescriptions may not play well together), you have been warned.

I purchased the three day supply to really kick it out, and it does seem to work really well.  If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.  You don't want to miss any time shopping (that may just be fetish too...still deciding on that factor).

I actually may just purchase another package to have in my bag, just in case the bug hits me up in TO, I need to be on my game for that!

Caitlin xoxo.


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