Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LG Fashion Week: Tuesday

Hey Chicas!

Couldn't even think about blogging last night.  All those tweets tired me  No but Seriously getting up at 4:21 am (see this post to hear about that).and not being able to get into my room until I returned at 10:30 pm that night (hotels and their stupid rules..gosh).  Made for a long ass day.  All of which I loved.  It was totally exciting, which also makes you forget, that you yet to have any breakfast etc. all of which was totally my bad.  But today guess who is paying for it, me.  

I decided that food this morning was more important than sleep, but since I've had breakfast, I've had to take out my contacts because my eyes kept beyond annoying.  Hopefully a mid morning nap will be just the ticket for good afternoon and a great night.

So I thought that I would include some pics from yesterday, there won't be too many of the shows yet, I need time to review those and post them with comments.  Since this is my first Fashion Week experience I can't seem to spin out an opinion quite as fast other bloggers.  So I'm so the posts about fashion week will continue into next week.  Which isn't that great for being on the cutting edge of things, but it's the best that I can do.

It was unbelievable walking up to the area yesterday...

I didn't get any pics of the inside...I will today.

Here are a few of the outside posing area.

 Here are some of me on the actual runway for FW it was extremely exciting.

Today will only be better, if I can make it!

Caitlin xoxo


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