Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is Coming.....

Hey Chicas!

So tomorrow is Halloween.  I know that some people are anti Halloween, I think, that they don't think that they can dress up anymore when they get a little older.  Well those people are.....well....wrong!  You can still have loads of fun with it.

On Friday night Andrew and I went down to Belfast Corn Maze with another couple.  Let's just say that it was super crazy, and the boys had the flashlights, but when something crawled out from the corn maze and grabbed our legs, we just took off.  We did manage to stop after our sprint, but only once we realized that we didn't have a light and we couldn't see anything it was pitch black.  We had left the boys behind with the flashlight, along with our mitts!  So it was a great night, the maze was really well planned out and done, not overly scary but just enough.  Its a definite must see for next year.  Just click the link above to check it out.

The fiance and I went to a house party last night.  Yeah, one that I was notified about on Friday night after work.  So the planning stage of my outfit was way, way more limited than what I'm used to.  Lets all keep in mind, for those that don't know, when I got back from Fashion Week I got Strep Throat, so that's still totally hanging around. And after being out in the weather the night before, with all that wind, it really didn't do me any favors. 

Last year we went as couple costume, which was pretty good.

Click on all images for a larger size.

So this year we had to do it better.  But with a smaller time frame it was hard to do.  Andrew was out of the province for the day so it was all up to me.  Luckily the night before we had a pow-ow with the other couple for costumes and came up with something for everyone.  I was going to go as Black Swan, and Andrew wanted to go as Goose from Top Gun. (if you are reading my blog and don't know what Top Gun is, go rent it, watch it, and then come back!)

It was a lot harder to get Andrews figured out surprisingly as they don't really sell olive green coveralls anymore, don't know when that happened, but the are all blue.  So I grabbed a par of old beige ones from my dad, and decided to dye it.  

Did you know that polyester doesn't take dye that well.  Yeah well I found that one out the hard and long way.  So at 5:40 last night we had to go and find another option (we as in me and my mom).  We ended up getting a painter coverall's; you know those white zipper ones with a hood, and a can of "Camp Green" spray paint.  I was just going to cut off the hood and make it a collar, and spray paint the crap out of it.  Mine was mostly just some feather boas, for a skirt everything else I already owned.   

Our costume  totals came to $23 for Andrews, and $12 for mine.  That's pretty sweet for all DIYed costumes.  As that's how we roll, no bought costumes in this household!

Happy Halloween!!
Caitlin xoxo

Looking for a quick DIY fun and festive wreath check out my Monsters Inc Wreath from Halloween 2010, you can be sure that baby is up this year!


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