Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monsters Inc. Wreath

Hey Chicas!

So this is Halloween weekend, even though where I live we don't really have too many little trick-or-treaters but I still enjoy decorating for the night!

I always like taking something that is no longer being used and changing it up to be something else.  And with Halloween it is no different.  This is my latest creation, and I have to say I absolutely love it!!!!

It reminds me of the monsters from Monsters Inc., it must be the combination of the color and the big eyes!

 It is really cute and pretty darn simple to make, my wreath is about 17'' wide, with the centre hole around 4".

All you need is some fuzzy/furry material, I actually used an old pillow that was no longer being used.  They usually look like this, and we got ours at Wally-Mart. 
We were actually going to buy some fabric, but it was really expensive  like $25/yard, for a Halloween wreath, thanks.  I checked out Wal-Mart and they actually have a fuzzy rug, for about $20, that has a backing already, and it would make 2 wreaths, and you already would have the backing for the back of the wreath, so you have all your fabric.  For my wreath, I simply used some scrap pieces of fleece material, but anything would work, the fleece was the best color match, and since I'm a little anal retentive, color matching is a must for me, but don't feel that yours has to match!

Then all you need are a variety of foam size balls ranging from 1" - 2", I like the variety of eye ball shapes.  Then you need a black sharpie, to make the pupils, and I varied the sizes for more of a monstery feel.  Finally a small glue gun, and lots and lots of glue sticks, the color doesn't matter as it will not show.  These materials can be picked up at any dollar store.

So the steps.
1. Place the fabric good side down (fuzzy side) and trace a circle (mine is oval to maximize the size of the square pillow) to the desired outside size, and trace the inner circle (hint: make the inner cut smaller then you think you want it, as when you sew it up it will stretch)
2. Cut the edges and centre off, while holding the scissors on a slant so that you don't cut off a flat edge of the fur.
3. Place your fur cut fabric on the backing fabric and simply trace around the edges adding a 1/2" all around so that it can be more fluffy and hold more stuffing.
4. Place the good sides together (the fur side and good side of the other fabric) and stitch the outer edges together. (this can be done by hand or a sewing machine, either one works)
5. Turn right side out, and pull out the edges of the fur that have been caught in the stitching to allow for more furriness.
6. Stuff it!  I used the stuffing from the pillow I took apart, but plastic bags and fabric remnants will work too!
7.  Hand stitch the inner circle together.
8.  Stitch a looped end onto the back of the wreath for hanging, as shown above, I used some scraps of the fur so it blended.
9.  Heat up the glue gun!  It will be your best friend.
10. Make the pupils on the foam balls using the black sharpie, and making varying sizes.
11. Separate the fur apart on the wreath so you can see the bottom of the fabric it's attached to.
12. Place a big dollop of glue on the back of the foam eyes, and place on the wreath in the separated part of the wreath so it sticks to the fabric, not just the fur! (this will help the eyes to stay on longer and not wobble )
13. Repeat until the number of eyes suits you!

There are a lot of steps, but I stated little things that didn't really need to be, but what can ya do!

In total I spent only $5 on the foam balls, as everything else I had at home, so search around and see what you find, is there an old blanket, a fur vest/coat you can use.

Have fun making it and enjoy the weekend!

Caitlin xoxo


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i was wondering if you had anymore of that purple fabric and how much it would cost i need a lot if my product gets picked for my school project

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