Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Military Jacket

Hey Chicas!

So the military trend has been on for a long time in the states.....but at least in PEI Canada, the trend really took off this summer and fall.  There are lots of options for affordable jackets at retail stores you can go to, and not have to order it on line.

I found an awesome weight one at Zellers from the Alfred Sung Pure Line (which is awesome by the way) and its perfect especially the in between weather, you know before you have to wear hats and mitts and long winter coats....that's coming soon enough, no need to increase the length of time you have to wear a winter jacket! 

Zellers even has this cool tool where you can build your own outfit to complete the look, which is great if you are not sure what will look good together and work. 

The jacket is the perfect color, and the waist band really cinches you in and gives you a figure in such a man inspired jacket look.

Image: Walmart.com $20ish
WalMart has another option...it is from the Miley Cyrus line...but really have you looked at it in a nonjudgmental light, you know when you don't take into account who it is that "designed"them because some things are really super cute.

This jacket will sit right above your hips and has the big bold buttons which really makes this trend, the key is they aren't load and obnoxious but muted in color so its wearable.  If you looking for a good deal to be in style...this is it.  Did you notice the little layering of slight ruffles at the bottom?  Makes it more girly!

Image: OldNavy Website $50ish
Old Navy also has an option for you...I saw one in the store a few works away in town, but I can't find it on line, so is for all you girls that want a warmer jacket to lead into the horrid cold months.  The color is amazing and the shearling fur is HUGE this year...its a must have! (and that's my excuse for needing buy another jacket).  Its also available in a creamy color, but I recommend you stick with the green, might as well ride the trend.

Image: OldNavy Site $80ish

They have another option...one that is a longer jacket and just as cute.  It has the cute around the collar, which is great for the winter and you can also get in the creamy color as well.  I would say that this coat, if you need to buy a new winter one, should be it, it has a long of trends wrapped up into one, but still remains not to trendy or over the top..sometimes that's hard to find.

I'm sure there are some other options out there, but these are the ones that I've found and love!  I hope you find your best look to rock the trends too!

Have fun shopping!

Caitlin xoxo


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