Thursday, October 7, 2010

How-To Clean: Foundation Brush

Hey Chicas,

This is part 2 of how to clean your makeup brushes.  I didn't want to shove too much information in your face in one post.  I think that I may tend to ramble a bit in these, they tend to be soo long. :P

So for foundation brush to be cleaned you'll need:
olive oil
baby shampoo
paper towel

Because foundation is generally a cream or liquid consistently many use a foundation brush to apply them.  They usually are made of synthetic bristles.  Like the one to left.  This allows for a smoother application.  The issue is with cleaning them.  Regular baby shampoo will not work.  You will still have reside between the bristles, which causes the application to suffer.

The residue on the brush are of an oily consistency, to break that down, you will have match it.  That is where the olive oil kicks in.  The oil will break down the oil in the brush, plus it is very moisturizing and will not dry out the bristles. (bonus your hands will be super soft after this)  You will wet the brush..following all the rules of the previous post...and apply a dab of olive oil in your palm, then just swirl the brush around, just like a paint brush to help break down the oil.  You will most likely have to spread the bristles apart and work the olive oil in between them, that foundation is tricky stuff!  Just rinse and repeat until you have no residue left.  To finish it off, do one more thing, use baby shampoo to eliminate any remaining oil, squeeze off excess water with paper towel, and dry using the same technique as other brushes.

This process could be repeated weekly, because bacteria from your face can transfer to the brush, and since its a moist product (foundation) bacteria can grow all on its own too.  You don't want to be applying your foundation along with oil and bacteria back onto your face.  Also the application will be better with a regularly cleaned brush.

Hope this helps you guys, keeping your brushes squeaky clean!

Happy cleaning!
Caitlin xoxo


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