Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can your hair avoid humidty?

Hey Chicas!

So with the weather that we we have been having lately is totally on conducive to my hairstyles.  No I'm being 100% serious here.  Its damp out, like the air is damp, or its raining, or the humidity level is high.  Either way  my hair is having a field day!

I'm sure if you have wavy/curly hair that can go straight or curly you understand my pain.  As soon as some dampness comes in the air my hair notices it, and takes advantage of the opportunity to curl in places that....well....I just don't want it to curl!

This is my hair curly....

So its easy to show that when it is blown straight it doesn't take too much to get the curls active again.

Regardless, I thought that I would try the John Fredia Frizz-Ease Weather Works Shampoo Conditioner, and styling creme.

The bottle say that...

"Developed for all hair styles, Weather Works Shampoo with "Shielding" Technology creates a barrier to help block out style-ruining humidity providing essential preparation for weather-resistant hair.  Formulated to provide silky-smooth texture and to control frizz year round. Safe for natural or colour-treated hair.  For daily use."

Personally I think that using anything that will 'shield' your hair is basically putting a coating on the hair shafts, so everyday use it likely not the best.  But for special events or just special days it could work!

So overall in the shampoo and conditioner they were good, nothing special to say, simple, they smelled good though.  The styling creme is really light weight, and doesn't weigh your hair down.

So lets do a little test, I thought.  I used all the products on a day that was 90% humidity and when I was near the waterfront, and it was windy.  So horrible weather for curly/wavy hair that was blown dry straight, but perfect weather for testing the ability of the John Fredia Frizz-Ease Weather Works.

This is my hair after styled, I was sitting solo on these photos so please the facial expressions....well lets say I've seen better :-).
So by no means was it straight as a pin, because come on, you can't fight with nature 100%.  There was some flips on the end of my hair, and curled in and out in other places, but it was not curly (and no I did not curl it, just the blow dryer)!

So I was in the outside weather from 5-11pm near the water, high humidity like 92%, and high winds!  I don't think that any product, and this is no exception, can make your hair NOT curl, well at lest not an at home product.

So my thought are....well what are my thoughts?  I guess that it did an ok job, you judge by the pictures.  (keep in mind that the after pics are with my Atrix, not a real real camera..k?)  It did keep the frizz level fairly low, but did it stop it from curling?....ummm nope-nutta!  So is it worth that extra product taking up space in your valuable bathroom storage.  I really don't think so.  Any John Fredia no frizz  product does the job, so the Anti-humidity just leave it and forget it.

As a side note, I used the styling creme with my normal hair routine, on an equally curly/wavy hair blown straight day weather nightmare.  The results, pretty much the same as when I used it with the shampoo and conditioner, so perhaps the styling creme is a go, but leave the others on the shelf....unfortunately the search continues :-(

Caitlin xoxo

Friday, July 8, 2011

Joe Fresh - Have you heard about the Make-up!

Hey Chicas!

If you haven't....Where the heck have you been!  No but seriously on with the post....

So F-I-N-A-L-L-Y my video decided to work!!!  I'm beyond excited and thankful, like how long can it take...regardless its here to share!  If you want to see the post on the look click ME!

So basically Joe Fresh is sold at Atlantic SuperStore and Loblaws, on the cheap!  I believe that the most expensive item is their brushes at like $20ish dollars (i love their foundation brush I've had it for 2 years now, no shedding!).  So the eyeshadow is $4ish, and the blush $6ish.  Not to bad for the size of the product. 

The packaging I just love!

I don't know why, its just so clean and modern, plus I love that you can see the color without any difficulty at all.  The Pink blush I've had for over 1 year and the packaging is NOT made cheap, nothing has broken and is as good as new.  I just love the clear packaging, they are sellling the color and the product, not the fancy smancy packaging!  The clasps on the products are also very strong and sturdy and it might just be me but I like when you can hear the click of the packaging close, it just makes me feel good...do ya follow!?

The color clockwise from top left is....
Rosetta, Pink, Pebble, Pale Pink, and Ice

The color intensity is wonderful, the products are a little soft, but still very pigmented, and the lasting power is just as good any other powder blush or eyeshadow I've used.  You don't need a whole lot of it on your brush so it will last you a good long time!  Likely longer than its really "good" for :-)  

My first attempt at swatching colors!  So from my thumb to to my pinky the colors are as follows.....
Ice, Rosetta, Pink, Pale Pink, Pebble
They are coming off a little more shimmery then they do in person, but the colors are pretty similar!  I totally didn't need to rub very hard to get the color on my digits.  One swipe around and thats what you see.

They have a good selection of colors, but be warned they generally issue limited edition colors, so if you see something that you like, get it because they don't last too long, and it might be never there again.

Click the video for my wonderful speaking skillz...(yes the "z" is there on purpose)

So hope that you enjoyed it!  Please let me know if you purchase any and what your first impressions are :)

Caitlin xoxo

Monday, July 4, 2011

The things you can do with inexpensive makeup...

Hey Chicas!

So I have been using Joe Fresh from Atlantic Superstore for over 1 year now, and I have never mentioned some of my favorites that I've found.  Thought that you guys might enjoy a take on cheap makeup look that you can pickup when you are getting your groceries on!

 I have a review coming up later this week, my plan was to put the two videos together, but my video editor didn't want to work with me, so its  in two stages it is.  Here is the first installment.

So all the products that were used are:
Palladio Herbal EyeShadow
Joe Fresh - Pale Pink Eyeshadow
Joe Fresh - Ice Eyeshadow
Joe Fresh- Pebble Eyeshadow
Maybelline Lash Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Black
NYC Volumizing High Definition Mascara in Black
Joe Fresh- Rosetta Blush
Annabelle - Natural Rose Lipliner
Hard Candy MoonGlow
Sally Hansen Moisture Matte Lipcolor - Chiffon

 Hope this post gives you some ideas on items that you can try out from the supermarket!  And stay tuned for the review part, its almost ready.

I promise to discuss the Royal Visit once I have calmed down from all the excitement!

Caitlin xoxo

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Canada!!

Hey Chicas!!

Thank god its the long weekend, I totally need this break!  Now only if the weather would cooperate with me, and give me beach weather, all would be perfect!  But I'm not sure if that's going to happen....

Anyway today is Canada's Birthday and I do plan on checking out the fireworks by the waterfront, a tradition that I can always remember, lots of fun!

Canada Day is the perfect day to whip out that red lipstick that you may be a little nervous about wearing other wise!  By favorite red lipstick is not a wallet buster at all.  NYC - Retro Red.  Which you might remember from this past look..

If you want to see how to get this whole look....click here....

It is awesome!  Plus for like 2 bones at Wal-Mart if you wear it only a few times a year, no loss for you!  Plus another bonus is it makes your teeth look really white! 

NYC Retro Red is one of the best reds in my book because of its orange red base, its easier for many skin tones to wear and wear well.  And the lasting power of this red is much better than you would expect.

Come on be brave, show your Canadian pride and wear Red Lips, just try it for one day, I'm sure that you'll be surprised by how much you like it!

Happy Canada Day!

Caitlin xoxo