Monday, July 4, 2011

The things you can do with inexpensive makeup...

Hey Chicas!

So I have been using Joe Fresh from Atlantic Superstore for over 1 year now, and I have never mentioned some of my favorites that I've found.  Thought that you guys might enjoy a take on cheap makeup look that you can pickup when you are getting your groceries on!

 I have a review coming up later this week, my plan was to put the two videos together, but my video editor didn't want to work with me, so its  in two stages it is.  Here is the first installment.

So all the products that were used are:
Palladio Herbal EyeShadow
Joe Fresh - Pale Pink Eyeshadow
Joe Fresh - Ice Eyeshadow
Joe Fresh- Pebble Eyeshadow
Maybelline Lash Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Black
NYC Volumizing High Definition Mascara in Black
Joe Fresh- Rosetta Blush
Annabelle - Natural Rose Lipliner
Hard Candy MoonGlow
Sally Hansen Moisture Matte Lipcolor - Chiffon

 Hope this post gives you some ideas on items that you can try out from the supermarket!  And stay tuned for the review part, its almost ready.

I promise to discuss the Royal Visit once I have calmed down from all the excitement!

Caitlin xoxo


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