Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Toronto!

Hey Chicas!

So I have made it to TO.  But it was not without some drama.... because the best kind of trips start with drama right!? (that's what I'm telling myself, just let me have it!)  Sop the plane was leaving @6AM so to get all dolled up and get there an hour before I figured that 3AM would be perfect.  Well not perfect but about as good as it can be at 3am in the morning!

I wake up on my own AT 4:21AM!  Yeah you totally read that right!  I have over slept a whole hour and a half.  All my prep time styling my hair, doing my makeup was gone!  I was soo upset about that mistake that I started to cry.  So my get pretty time, dwindled down to 40 mins (which was pushing it!) to get my hair washed, styled, dressed, and out the door to the airport.  

So obviously that all didn't happen, thank goodness that I had all my clothes packed up, but talk about the adrenalin pumping early in the morning!  So what got missed, well my hair is dry, that's about it, and my makeup didn't happen.  If you follow me on Twitter you know this already.  Something had to give and eye makeup was it!

But all in all the flight was good, the view was pretty fantastic with the sun rising.

Whenever I fly I always think of the Care Bears, you know Care Bear countdown style!  I don't know why but I do, and that always makes me smile!

I'm here, eye makeup is done in half a fashion in the airport bathroom....gosh they have terrible lighting!

You totally can't see it but whateves, that makeup bag was my life line this morning!

At least I think that I look presentable enough to walk around until noon.

Caitlin xoxo
Care Bear Hugs and Kisses


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