Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nail Care: Prep your Nails for Polish

Hey Chicas!

So, we are back on track with my nail care series.  On to video 3 of 4, how to prep your nails.

Some of the tips mentioned in the video, I'll highlight on here, in case you aren't a youtuber
First off get your things all in one such

This I showcased in the first video on implements, but it is super helpful to keep everything in one place, plus its an easy grab to take down with you to watch TV.

Second you need to get your area ready for working on your nails....

I always use a towel, mine is white, and then I line up my implements on the side so I can just work through the different stages.

Steps (for more tips you'll have to watch the video..hehe)
1. Cut your nails
2.  File your nails (crystal is best and always in one direction)
3.  Wash your hands (watching the video will explain this to you)
4.  Use birchwood stick to free any rough edges that have filed under your free edge
5.  File your nails lightly
6.  Apply your choice of cuticle cream/oil
7.  Push back your cuticles (once a month) with cuticle pusher
8.  Carefully cut your excess cuticles off  (once a month) with the cuticle nippers
9.  White Buff your nails (once a month)
10. Black Block Buffer
11. Your shiny buffer (2 sided are best)

Your done!  All you have left to do now is paint them a pretty little color.  (awesome segway into the final part of the series)...Check back to tomorrow.

Caitlin xoxo


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