Friday, February 11, 2011

Protect those Lips!

Hey Chicas!
I thought a very appropriate post the weekend before Valentine's Day would be about lips.  You want those suckers nice and moist for your kisses ;)

So I already did a video on how to make your lips look bigger and pouter....

But besides just making them look nice and kissable, you want them to be healthy and moist too.  The dry winter air and wind can really zapp the moisture right out of them.  The last thing you want to worry about is cracked lips.

If the standard lip balms aren't cutting it, and you have to reapply and reapply with no change in the moisture level.  I have the lip balm for you!

Recently I had supper dry lips, and the worse part was the corner of my lips had split, not the kind of look I'm shooting for, and I'm sure your not either.

This was the ONLY thing that saved them, and fixed them really in one application.  I applied a heavy coat at night and when I woke up, it was 90% healed!

The brand is Polysporin Lip Care, they have many different kinds.  The one that I used wasn't even the one designed for Lip Therapy, it was the Daily Lip Care, the orange one.  There is of course different variations made for different lip concerns But my big thing was that it was the daily one that fixed my lips, I can't imagine how good the hardcore ones would be.  I think  my next one will be Polysporin Daily Lip Protecion, the purple one.

I hope this helps you girls to get smooth, soft, kissable lips!

Caitlin xxoxxoxxo (extra kisses)


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