Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nail Care All You Ever Wanted to Know Series!!!!

Hey Chicas!

I have had a lots of questions lately about nail care.  I think it all stems from the winter and have dry skin, and focusing on our hands more....hence our nails come into focus more too.

Well have I got a treat for you!!!!  I have four 4 videos all about nail care, from proper implements, to types of polish, how to prep your nails for polish, and finally how to paint your nails. 

I understand how some things would seem...shall I say....a little elementary perhaps, but important none-the-less.

I just wanted to have a little intro into what you will be seeing the next few weeks, and also give you an opportunity to ask questions about nails.

Let me have them!

Caitlin xoxo


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