Monday, February 21, 2011

Islander Day

I hope that your day is turning out to be better than mine!  I had the biggest amount of anxiety, stress, and fear.  For those of you who don't know, I have a puppy (technically a dog an old one around 13 yrs old)He is a miniature poodle,  they have a tendency to develop cataracts, hence he is pretty much blind.  This tends to led to different issues, such as if a chair is moved he'll bump in to it, and can get lost and confused of his surroundings really easily. It is not fun in winter as he usually uses the grass, pavement and gravel outside in the yard to determine where he is....the winter well the snow kinda removes that extra assurance of his location.

Well thank god for good Samaritans!! Seriously, some times when you do something that seems, totally trivial to you, is beyond huge to the person on the receiving end.

A lovely lady in a truck comes up the house and knocks....I have no idea who it is.  She asks if we are missing a little white dog, because there is on the road (and when we say road we mean the TCH). And I immediately answered "Nope!", because how can you lose a dog, especially when you are in the country.  But we think about it, and where is Rylee?  He was not in the house! Crap, it was Rylee, she was talking about.  I immediately go to put on my boots and about to run out the door to the road to get him, she had picked him up (even though he bit her) and put him in the truck, and was trying to find the owners.  The feeling that went through me when I thought that my puppy was on the road, he could have been killed. He is white, and blends in to snow, first off.  Second off, how the hell did he make it all the way down the lane, (cuz, it ain't a short one) and one to road, he can't really see.  So he obviously got confused and thought he was walking to the house when in fact he was walking to busiest road on PEI.

Bottom line he is fine, 100% A-OK.  But just think what could have happened if she hadn't gotten him.  So one small little gesture likely saved my puppy, so just considered that next time you are trying to decide whether you should do it or not.  Always do something if it is going to be beneficial to the receiving party! 

Just thought that I would share this little stresser of my day today with you guys!  And again, hope yours is better than mine, and if not, I hope it ends well!

Hey Chicas!

Today on Prince Edward Island is Islander Day!  A provincial holiday which is similar to other provinces Family day.

I hope that you enjoy time with those you love, and just sit back and relax.
That's what I'm doing today.  Slept in, made pancakes for the I hope you enjoy my lack of actual post.

But don't worry the nail series will continue!

Caitlin xoxo


kristen said...

OMG.. So happy that Rylee is okay!

Caitlin said...

Thanks Kristen! Talk about giving me a heart attack!! lol

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