Friday, February 25, 2011

Nail Care: Apply Polish like a Pro

Hey Chicas!

Some of you may be thinking "FINALLY", and others maybe be like "YAH".  Either way this is the last one.  How to apply polish, you know a good manicure can be won, or lost in application.  Its what you and everyone you meet sees, not the prep work, but the final coat.

So if you aren't a typical watcher of my channel....well you totally need to start.  There are some tips and tricks on my videos that you can't really put into I'll do my best.

Applying polish...
1.  Wait until your base coat is dry to apply polish (more tips on video)
2.  Wait 5-10 mins between polish coats to ensure good bondage
3.  Don't apply top coat until polish is at least tacky, and even better almost dry
4.  Test for dry nails by lightly tapping your pinkies together, if they stick not dry, if they don't they are dry.

Biggest tip I can give you..
I always do my nails over 2 night.....I know its crazy but trust me it works.  I do all the prepping of my nails in one evening, and then the painting the next.  The prepping gives your nails a nice shinny finish and smooth cuticles, this gives your nails a wonderful appearance, and you won't feel strange by having naked nails.

In order to get the polish on really well and ensure your polish isn't streaked, please watch the video and its best the demo this than just typing it out.  I will help you get nails looking that the above!
I hope that this series was helpful you guys!  If it was please please leave a comment, and let me know how it turned out for you.
Caitlin xoxo   


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