Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skin Issues: Breakouts

Hey Chicas!

So, I have had the WORSE skin the past two weeks.  That's why I haven't put up any youtube videos lately, but that is no excuse for not posting about it.  The issue lays in the fact that what I did to my face, all by myself, i should know better and it shouldn't have happened.  No one likes to accept the fact that they screwed up, we all like to point fingers at someone else.  This though was all on me, and I've done it before, I totally new better, but went against my better judgment and did it anyway.  Don't do that ever!

Well, I'm now open to admitting it to you guys, that I messed up my face all by my freakin' self, horribly.

I hadn't had breakouts like that for years, honestly years!  They came on my cheeks, chin and then my forehead.   

So do we all want to know how stupid I was.........

You should never, never switch up your entire facial system at once, that causes your skin to go into overdrive and go flipping crazy on you.  So I bought new foundation which really blended in and worked well with my skin and wore well.  Then I bought new cleanser and toner combo.  The really stupid thing was changing them all at the same time, with in a day everything on my face changed except for my creams.

Needless to say my face didn't like it one bit!!  So I started breaking out, but when you change your facial cleaning routine, it will take your face at LEAST 2 weeks to adjust.  So in my mind they were just related to the new cleanser cleaning out my pores.  My chin always seems to have a few white heads and bumps so I was like "good its cleaning out my pores, awesome".  That lasted for a few weeks, and then the break outs started to move to my cheeks, and my forehead.  That was not really an area that I had issues at any time about my forehead.

So the cleanser is super gentle, because I'm trying something new, and it shouldn't irritate a baby's skin.  It was actually my fiance who suggested it might be the foundation.  And I was heartbroken, I really liked the foundation, matched my skin wonderfully, wore well, and was a really good price.  I shall do a review, when I'm sure it was that.  But I'm  like 99% sure that it was the foundation.  So I stopped using it, bought new foundation and guess what!?  The breakouts still came that were coming, but no new ones showed up. 

So a week of applying creams and trying to stop the breakouts, and clear my face up, I think I have finally succeeded.

I still have the acne spots and there are no new issues.

So, the moral of the story is....

Don't change it all up, just change one thing at a time.  That way you can pinpoint the cause of the breakouts.

Hope my mistake will prevent you from doing the same.

Caitlin xoxo


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