Sunday, September 12, 2010

EcoTools and Superstore!!!

Hey Chicas,

So I was just wondering through Atlantic Superstore (the big one on university ave), and what did my little eye spy?  Well it was a small display on the end of an isle of the makeup/hair area.  And what did the little display have to offer....

Man was I totally excited.  They had makeup brushes as well as some sponges and other beauty accessories.  Now the only other place in Canada that I have found these brushes at has been at Winners (see blog post about that here), and as we all know that is a hit or miss type of thing.  

The selection isn't super, but I'm assuming that they are just trying them on an introductory basis or something, because they have never had them there before.  The prices arrange from $5-$19.  They had a few individual brushes a retractable one, which would be great for travel, a pack of 5 brushes  ranging from facial to eyebrow.  

The one that I decided to purchase was the 6 piece eye brush set - Eye makeover- in the travel size which is going to rock!

It has an elastic band to hold the brushes in, and a mirror in the case!
A mirror in the brush case, what a novel idea! I'm pretty pumped about that.  It has a normal standard eye shadow brush, angle brush, contouring brush, small precise brush, and a small contouring brush.  So this little one is filled with all the kind of brushes you could need on a weekend travel.
 As you can see the case is pretty small, fitting into the palm of my hand easily.  The good thing about the mirror is that its hard (obviously) but this will make sure the brushes don't get all mangled in a soft case.

Its small enough you could keep it in your purse all the time if you wanted to.  Myself, it would be too much, I have enough crap in that thing already.  

I just wanted to share this news with your guys, they are a very affordable brushes, and good quality, and earth-friendly.  

If you are looking to update or just add to your brush collection, check out Atlantic Superstore.  And hopefully you will be as happy with them as I am.

 (I apologize for the poor lighting in the pics, it was on my phone camera.  So not too bad for a two year old cell phone camera though!)

Brush away!

Caitlin xoxo


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