Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnifying Mirror - Bloody Horrible!

Hey Chicas,

I have a little glimmer of wonderful advice, that I learned in school.  Here goes...

You now those magnifying mirrors, the one with the normal mirror, and then you flip it, and you have a crazy monster looking back at you, and all you did was flip it!!

Well first off, calm the heck down!  Those magnifying mirrors especially with the light, do nothing to help your self esteem in the mornings.  I know you do it, don't lie to yourself!

The problem is what is invisible at a reasonable distance is distorted up close.  Think of it like the zoom on your camera, it can only go so far before the picture is all pixilated and fuzzy, but when you zoom it out is clear and perfect.  You can only go so far, until you lose the bigger picture.

Some things do not need a closer inspection, if you can't see it in a "normal' mirror, no one else will see when they are talking to you or even looking at you!

Your face becomes grotesque cluster of freckles, hairs, lines, blemishes and crater like pores, all ready for your unneeded probing, and picking.  You are only going to make it worse!!!

Not only will you start picking at stuff, that will likely bloch your face into self induced redness. Step away from the mirror, no one will answer the question "Mirror, mirror on the wall / Who in the land is fairest of all?".  When you looking that close into the mirror, you will not find anything good, so why do you need to be all self-deprecating in the morning.  Answer: YOU DON'T.  

They do have their place, for false eyelashes etc., your face in general, not at all.

Do yourself a favor, and put down the mirror, before you hurt yourself!  You'll thank yourself later.

Caitlin xoxo


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