Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fav. Dry Shampoos & Review

Hey Chicas,

I finally found them all!  Aren't you all proud, I would be too, if I could have remembered where they all were!  But what has been lost has been here it goes.

So I was smart, and quick enough this morning to even order them in preference!  Meaning that starting from the left and going to the right is my number 1 choice/fav to my least.  But read the reviews if not you may miss an important point.
I have a mix of some salon brands and other drug store products, so there should be something there for everyone.

#1. Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret.  The name is catchy, the packaging in rockin' and the stuff works really well.  It is a salon products so you'd have to buy it from them, or if you have a Sally Beauty Supply store nearby there would carry it too.  It has a nice light fresh scent, with very, very little residue left, and you're hair still feels like hair after you have sprayed it on.  When I start talking about the other ones, you'll understand.  It absorbs the oil with less product then any other brand, and has the nicest formula and spray to remove the oil.  This is my 3rd bottle, so yeah I love it!  Yes it will be a little expensive around $20 I'm guessing, but you'll use less of it because it's a little better, and you get 300ml/6.3oz/179g for it.

#2 Batise, the pink and yellow are the same brand just different scents. The scents I'm not really going to talk about because they are totally your preference whether you want a flowery one, or a tropical one, they are both nice though.  It's my second choice because, the powder is a little heavier(goes on thicker), you have to work a little bit more to remove the residue (but no big deal), you have to use a little bit more (so it doesn't last as long).  But don't get me wrong, I would still use it, and have purchased multiples of them, if I hadn't know about Dirty Secret, Batise would have been my fav.  It can be purchased at Zellers, and even the Winners here has the stuff from time to time.  It is around $8 and you get 150ml/5.05floz/95g (half the size of Dirty Secret, great for travel!) for it.

#3 TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (for oily/straight hair).  I love the smell of this stuff, it is less strong then the Batise stuff for sure.  The spray is awesome, it doesn't clog, and has a good amount of force, it does go on fairly even but the particles are a little bigger than my #1, therefore if you have dark hair it may be more noticeable. It can be purchased at any drugstore like location, for around $5 for 5.07oz/161g, so you get more than Batise, and less than Dirty Secret.

The more I think about it here Batise and Fresh Start are really really close, with just the particle size and thickness separating them....soooo I'm gonna make them a tie, they are both good, and plus Fresh Start you get more bang for your buck!

#4(or I guess #3, but whatever) Snappi, which is another salon brand (well its where I got it), and I have to say it is my least fav.  I swear it is just baby powder with some moisture put into an aerosol can.  If that's what you want you'll love it.  I don't! It makes your hair feel weird, like you have way too much hairspray on it or something, it just makes your hair feel heavy.  Yes it does remove the oil, but the cost of that is just too much.  I will not be repurchasing it.  Its about $12, for 5.35oz, can't read the bottle for g, but whatever.

#5 TRESemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo(for dry curly hair).  You can read the bottle to tell you how to use it...but it won't help you any.  This stuff is the worst! It doesn't work it doesn't take any oil off your hair your roots still look shiny, I have attempted to use it many times when my hair is curly and always the same result.  I will say it is good for allowing your curls to defizz and give them some life but as for oil absorption....not there.  It is the same price as the Dry Shampoo from tresemme $5, and I'm sure its close to the same size.  I will not rebuy this for myself as a dry shampoo, the aerosols spray work better, but for the boys out there, or even women with short hair, it honestly makes the hair look great.  Even it is just to combat the frizz factor. I just don't think people with any length to their hair (meaning around chin length) will benefit from the removing oil factor.

Finally, no its not a dry shampoo, but I can't live without it. It is TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist for $6ish at 118ml.  I has a nice clean citrus scent, and it just gives your hair a healthy glow and shine.  I even use it on fresh hair days to add nice shine and luster to my hair.  I find that some shine sprays are over kill and can make your hair look oily, which really isn't a good look.  This stuff, no matter how much your spray will not make your hair look greasy.  I just can't say enough good things about it.  I always use everyday!  You should too :)

So, man why are my posts always soo long?  I hope that you find them helpful and informative, that is my goal in all of this.  Go out and try some of these (well the good ones) and see what you think.

Caitlin xoxo


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