Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blackheads! I Hate Them!!!

Hey Chicas,

This is some information and tips for one of my BFFs! :) you know who you are.

Blackheads, are otherwise known as a comedone, are a mass of hardened sebum and skin cells in a hair follicle.  When the follicle is filled with an excess of oil a blackhead forms.  It is dark because it is exposed to oxygen and oxidizes.  

Blackheads are not simply a bit of dirt that is stuck in your pore.  The black is the oxidized product of oil, think of it as the equivalent of tarnished silver.  No matter what you do, pores will continue to produce sebum....and will continue to be exposed to air....meaning you will always have blackheads :(. Sorry to burst your bubble!)

To start you have to eliminate the factors that can lead to clogged pores.  Get rid of any foundations and heavy moisturizers that may contain oils.  Wash with a foaming cleanser, then apply an acne medication over blackhead at night to help unclog pores.  The most effective ones will contain at least 2% salicylic acid, which helps to break down the adhesions between cells, softening existing plugs and preventing new ones, retinol, or glycolic acid lotions are also good.  You bascially, want to reduce the amount of oil that is produced on your nose, which will help to eliminate the number of blackheads.

Blackheads are trapped by dead skin cells and need to be cleansed, exfoliated and extracted.  But even if they are extracted it is impossible to not have them come back.  The bacteria in the follicles causes a blockage, obviously or we wouldn't have them, from sebum and dead skin build-up, oxygen cannot reach the bottom of the follicle, resulting in the bacteria to grow. 

If the pores can be exposed to oxygen, the bacteria will have a harder time growing, as they thrive in nonoxygen rich areas.  This is why exfoliating is soo important.  I find that everyone tells you too, but you don't really know why, so thats why.  Now you know! :)

So, hope that's enough of my esthetican side coming through.  So yeah everyone has them, just some are smaller then others, and some hide them more.

You can temporarily get rid of the blackheads; (in brackets, are my suggestions, things that I know work for me and others)
-cleanse your face with a non comedogenic facial wash (foaming ones,  go deeper, but can also dry out your skin)
-exfoliate you face once a week (if oily skin, more often)
-toner, will leave the treatment on your skin longer and absorb deep into the skin for treatment(Biore Triple Action Toner, leaves your skin with a nice cool tingly feeling)
-use acne spot medication (clean and clear persa-gel at 5% benzoyl peroxide, or a salicylic acid treatment cream is great, the medication must be at least 2% or not bother)
-clay masks (will help to absorb any excess oil)
-Biore strips (works on some not on others, I personally love them!)
-moisturize with a non-oil cream/gel (love Clean and Clear soft night cream, and their Finishes pore perfecting moisturizer for day)

These things will help to "clean" them, but you can never get rid of them totally.  Nothing has been proven to reduce pore size permanently, though remedies like, clay masks and toners can make them appear smaller for a few hours.  If they are "cleaned" and removed of the sebum build-up they will appear smaller and not black.

So, sorry to say that you can get rid of them in the short run, but the long term you will be blessed with them.  The important thing to remember is everyone has them, you are not alone, so don't sweat the small stuff!

Caitlin xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin!
First off, I really enjoy reaading your blog. You have a lot of useful and good information that is really interesting. I have a question for you. I currently use the Mary Kay Timeless line. I like it okay but it is a bit on the expensive side and I was wondering if there were any other product lines out there that would be just as good.


Caitlin said...


There are a few that I have in mind, I just have a little more research to do on them. If you could tell me what it is you looking for in a product line, that would make it a little easier :)

Caitlin xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin!

I know as we get older we can't reverse the signs of aging or even stop aging, but it would be nice to slow it down at least or make it appear like we are. I am basically looking for something that will keep my skin well moisturized, and perhaps minimize the look of wrinkles. I hear Arbonne has a really great line for 40+ women, but to be honest, I am a little skeptical as to if it really works. I know it is "swiss formulated", and it is a higher-end product but it is really expensive. I have also looked a Murad and Heidi Klum's product line. It is all overwhelming to say the least.

I guess, in a nut-shell, I want a product that is really good for my skin which makes it look soft to the touch and healthy. Do they sell a miracle in a bottle? Just kidding.

Thanks a bunch!


Caitlin said...

So, you should really check out my I would recommend the Impruv cream for you, it will give the best moisture in a cream, plus you can use it as night cream too.
Arbonne and Murad are both good ones. I have a friend that sells Arbonne, but the reality of it, its pricey, very pricey. I don't like to use that expensive of a product, if you're good with then, you know, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem that I find with some of the expensive ones are that the before and afters can be misleading. The majority of the time the before are ppl who dont do anything, then the after looks soo much better because the skin is cleansed, toned, and moisturized. Using anything after using nothing, will make a difference.
My recommendations for drugstore quality ones would be - Olay Regenerist line, it has come along way and its what I recommended for my mommy. The second which is a little higher costs is Roc, which by the sounds of what you had used previously and what you have been looking into, this line would be the one for you.

Well I hope it helps you, and let me know what you decide.

Caitlin xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will take a closer look at them the next time I go to the drugstore. I agree with your comment about the other "more elite" products being on the pricey side and sometimes I find that I get sucked into the whole idea of it and end up getting disappointed. I am always up for trying new products so I will look at these and pick something that I think might do the trick.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it!


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