Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Perfect Pouty Plum Lips

Hey, Chicas!

Yeah so I'm pretty sure fall is here.....rain, cold, leaves falling.  Yeah, it is here.  But the good thing about September is the fall fashion!
 You can always take your makeup ideas from the runway, well not straight from the runway, they may need a little more fine tuning, you could say. 

All of purple is dominating the fall 2010 makeup trends.The falls hottest color is purple, or plum or any other incarnation of the color. The shades which can range from deep dark eggplant to lilac can be worn on your nails, lips and eyes. With such a selection of colors you can decide who you want to rock this trend.  

My previous post discussed the Plum look for the eyes, and there is a youtube tutorial on that as well, if you are interested.

But Lips should not be ignored.  I honestly think that lips are the easiest way to stay on trend, you can keep everything else about your makeup the same and just change the lip color and you have a whole new look.  Or at least that what I tell myself, to feed my slight addiction to lip products...hehe.....but we are not talking about me here so....

I took the purple lip trend a little farther, and tried to shoot to birds with one stone, and did a tutorial on how to make your lips look bigger.  So this tutorial will not only show you a great lilacily color but how to do it so your lips look perfectly plump and kissable, the bigger the better!  Please remember that making your lips look bigger can be done with any color, not just the purple.

I love the purple trend and will be rockin' it all season long!

Enjoy getting plump pouty plum lips!

Caitlin xoxo

Items mentioned:
Lip Balm: whatever you got.
Lip Linner: Annabelle Pink Rose
Lip Stain: Covergirl 400
Lip Stick: Revlon Colorburst Lilac
Highlighter: Hard Candy (blush) Honeymoon (any other highlighter product would work)
Bronzer: Milani Sunset Duos (any matte bronzer, or even dark powder would work)
Gloss: Stila (the purple there is no name, any purply gloss would work)
Gloss: Rimmel Jelly Glamour (clear)


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