Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Plum Eye Makeup

Hey Chicas,

YouTube is not liking me too much today...I have tried to upload not once, not twice but like 5 times!  Talk about annoying...*breath in breath out*
(thanks mom for taking the pictures, I just couldn't get mine to look right).

Plums, mauves, and purples, are very in this fall.  In a soft, romantic type of application.  Nothing to harsh, or dark, dark...not saying that you can't have dark eyes, but it will have to be blended and used with lighter softer colors to balance it out.

So this is the look that I came up with.

I personally think it looks nice and light, free and soft, for autumn.  I kept all the colors in the pink-purple-grey range, but in a very wearable way.  So you can still rock the purple/mauves/plums in a nice and even professional look.

I used a brand called Natural Beauty, that I purchased from Winners a few weeks ago.  There were still quite a few there today, so I think you could still get your hands on a set if you like.

The kit was only $15, like seriously only $15 for 3 mineral eyeshadow and brushes and eyeliner!  Please, like I could avoid buying that!! haha

So this is what I got in the kit (gosh, I wished I had kept the package...oh well).Sans the crease brush...that baby is missing.

I'm not going to discuss the application method of this look, for that you can watch the youtube video on how to get the look here.

The swatches of the colors are shown to the left.  So from left to right:
* Sweet
* Temptress
* Glamorous

You do not have to use these exact ones, there are always dupes out there to be found.  If you want dupes, for Sweet, a sparkly frosty light pink.   Temptress, a matte mauve like a browny purple.  Glamorous, a sparkly deep purple with gold specks. I was browsing through shoppers today and found 2 different dupes that I think would work well....Maybelline quad in Lavender Fields (not super pigmented though very soft), Covergirl in Dance Party (usually more pigmented then Maybelline), and finially one that I think would be best, but you'll have to use another lighter shade if you want the exact look I have is L'Oreal HiP in sculpted.

And if you have other colors you would like to use.  feel free.  It is only makeup. Wear it, and work it to fit your style and color you like.  I'm simply doing it for the trends but any color would work!

This is the look that I have....the youtube video may have better representation of true colors.

Here is the list of products that were talked about and/or used in the turtorial.

Eyes -
Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Natural Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow           

Annabelle Mono Eyeshadow - Vanillia Chilla
Revlon Fantasy Lash Total Definition - Blackest Black

Cheeks - Cameo Makeup Palette Blush - Pinky Purple

Lips - Revlon Color Burst - Lilac

Standard Eyeshadow Brush, small crease brush, large crease brush, small percision brush, and small angled brush.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and experment with the trends to fit you.

Caitlin xoxo


Miriam said...

Hey there in Canada ;) I stumbled upon your blog by searching inspiration on plums and purples and came across this post! I have to say you are lovely, yout tutorials are fun to watch and the looks you do are pretty amazing! And also, I wish I could manage my wavy hair to look as yours (I'm stil in the process)! Huge love from this side of the Atlantic, and keep up with the good work ;) Miriam

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