Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leah Miller Inspired Look

Hey Chicas!

I  was watching So You Think You Dance Canada the other night.  And I fell in love with Leah Miller's look from the show.

This is the best picture that I could find of her makeup...... if you watch the show, you'll know the look I'm talking about.  It was such a nice change from all the smokey eye dark colors we have been seeing the past few years.  The gold eyes really sparkled and showed up against her skin, and made her look naturally beautiful.   But of course that isn't hard when you are her! :)
So of course I had to try to recreat this look at home.  It is really easy once you see it done, a few colors and that's it.  You could add more colors, but why make things harder then they need to be.  So I hope that you can see the similarites in the two looks....the video I think shows it a little  better. 

So these are the products that I used for the makeup look.  Not that many when you think about it.   Quo Eyeshadow - Quo Quad in Angel - Bronze & Champagne (dupe Covergirl Golden Sunset - First Light and Golden Sunrise)        

Mascara - Revlon Fantasy Lash 3 coats
NYC Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Cheek Glow
Hard Candy - Blush Crushed in Honeymoon
Beauty Rush - Lotta Colada

 To the left are the swatches for the dupes of the Quo Quad Palette in Angel, it is fairly old, and at my shoppers they didn't carry any single Quo eyeshadow...strange I thought but whatever.  I actually already had a good dupe, that I likely should have used in the tutorial but didn't because I forget I had it...oppsie.  The top colors are from colorgirl Golden sunset (L-R) Golden Sunrise, First Light.  And the bottom swatches are the Quo Quad (L-R) Bronze, Champagne.  The Covergril one is totally more gold then the Quo ones so it may even be close to Leah Miller's actualy look, plus the pigment is awesome!

Hope you enjoy it!

Caitlin xoxo


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