Friday, August 6, 2010

Winners - Makeup Heaven

Hey Chicas,

I was in Winners today in Charlottetown, and OMG!!! They must have gotten a new shipment in of makeup, and facial cleaners and the like. It was a goldmine, they had some drugstore products, and my fav Milani brand, which is so good.

Beware this post will contain a number of pictures with descriptions...bear with me if you don’t like these kinds of posts.
The picture above is of the fully stocked makeup section there...when I saw this I was soo happy, I could barley contain myself. Good thing my mom is used to that behaviour....moms are the best!Milani had a package put together, and the only place on the Island that I have found this was at Lawton’s. I have the Sunset duo’s, which has a super nice luster bronzer and a blush all in one package. That alone was close to $7ish, and this whole kit, with the sunset duos, the glimmer stripes, lipstick (gloss...can’t recall, and a loose eye shadow was only $10 *jumpy claps*. Can you believe it, you can’t imagine my restraint to not purchase this product.
The lipstick I have in another type from Milani and love it, so that is a good choice, the eyeshadows are pigmented. The Glimmer stripes are another bronzer type, but the strips you can also use as eyeshadow and a highlighter. Its a lot like physical formula shimmer stripes. Its multipurpose and a wonderful consistency not at all chalky...I have swatched it quite a few times at Lawtons, but I have too many bronzie things as is. This is a must have if you are looking for bronzer/eyeshadow....its awesome. But it is Winners and things can go quickly.

The next thing my little eye spied was ECOTOOLS......they are completely eco friendly they use soft, cruelty-free synthetic hair, the joint from the bristles and handle is made from recycled aluminum cans, the handle is made from bamboo, and they have reusable Packaging - the pouches are printed with plant based ink. It’s not really a key point in my makeup decisions, but hey...its an added bonus. I bought another eco tools kit at Winner’s before Christmas and they are actually my favourite, above and beyond even my professional brushes. I just had to buy both kinds. The box set, has a lovely zippered cosmetic bag made out of hemp with flower details, a blush sized brush, a stippling brush, an angled eyeshadow brush and an eyelash eyebrow comb. The smaller kit is a travel kit, with a mini foundation brush, small powder brush, a full size facial brush and a little hemp kit with a snap closure. These brushes are soo super soft, they wash wonderfully. Basically, if you are looking for new brushes or even if you’re have to buy these brushes, they will be your new go to in the me! Ohhh want prices the box set is only $14 *jumpy clamps* and the travel set is only $10...if you pass this up you are something

Now for all the men in our lives here comes Jack Black (no, not that overweight "funny guy"). You can’t get it in Canada, as they don’t ship it to here and I’m not aware of any other stores that sell it especially in PEI. But you can check out the website here to see the other products. They had face wash, face buff, all over body wash which does 3-in-one, face moisturizer and hand repair. The prices range from around $10-$19. But the size is pretty large so it will last long. Plus the package is very masculine, aka in men terms...they will actually use it in the presence of other men. Also the smell is of man, no floral sense here. If your guy is looking for something, this is it. And if he's not, then maybe you should be...sometimes they need a little nudge (well sometimes a lot...more like a good old shove). Picked up the Bf a package set for around $30 (only $10 a bottle...yeah!!), I shall fill you in on his opinion later on.

Found these big beauties in clearance section out the clearance. This soap comes in two different smells the pomegranate which is out of the box, but smells more like fruit in general. The other in the yellow box is Vanilla, which you can never go wrong with ever! They were regularly $7 got them for $3 each. You have no idea how big this soap it is bigger than my hand, its huge. Love it....and the smell is delicious. You should definitely check it out there was still a lot left.

Now this is my favourite thing I got...but I guess I didn’t really get it yet as my Mommy got it for me for my Birthday. I love it soo much that I just had to share with you, in case you wanted to pick it up. It will not last long at Winners’. It is a makeup palette by Ed Hardy, (Ed Hardy is what the Jersey Shore peoples are usually seen wearing..but do not hold it against it). To the left is the box it comes in...really pretty oh and it is only $20 regular at least $70 so huge steal. The picture to the right is of it open. So it opens up and out it also has led lights which gives a super good light if you are in a pinch with touch ups. The mirror is in the back and is actually clear...just didn’t take off the protective its a gift yet to get..hehe. there are three brushes...not wonderful but not crap either. Near the mirror are the eyeshadow choices, which range from neutrals to some darker colors which are totally usable. The middle is the blush/bronzer and is a peach color...which works well on all complexions. The little tins to either side are solid perfumes...which are great to keep at work, in a purse or in the smells good. And lastly the lip not be afraid...they are sheer lip gloss, not lip stick....which is freakin’ awesome. Bottom line love the packaging, love the colors and the lights.. Yeah a little gimpicky but loves it!!! So excited can't wait until I can actually use it.

Picked up a few little other odds and ends...thought I just share a pic of that. Well I hope that this posts helps you get excited about checking out Winner’s my most favoritist store! Remember, you must look and search to find things at Winner’s which is the best part.

Hope this gets you interested in the products, if you do nothing else...please go get the ECOTOOLS will fall in love with them. And if you do nothing else - get the brushes...I beg you. You will fall in love with them and then shower me with praises....hahaha

Enjoy your own searching,
Caitlin xoxo


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