Friday, August 13, 2010

Bedroom Storage

Hey Chica's,

A few weeks ago the Bed Bath & Beyond’s back to school flyer came out. Now I’m not heading back to school, but remember back to school shopping always entails storage units especially the university related ones. Most stores understand that students don’t have a lot of extra money (if any) to “pimp out” their rooms. So now you’re all like “well duh!”. Stop and think..if you are in the market for storage this is the time of year to get cheaper storage units.

So off I went o Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up two things from their “back to campus” campaign, all of which I have used for a while now and love it!

The first thing is under the bed storage. Which is the one in the middle of the picture double stacked.  I got two of these storage things for only $14..STEAL!  Which is a whole lot cheaper then getting a Rubbermaid tote that I have been looking in to.  I had previously gone through my closet and taken out all my winter items to put away for the summer, and they had been living in one of those big butt Winners bags...well shoved into it actually barely fit.  I was scared that I'd have to go get more but the sweaters all fit into ONE bag...I was beyond enthused.  The material is not super industrial heavy duty but if you are not yanking on them you will be beyond ok.. The plastic is a little thin, and then the pink fabric is like a tent fabric..nylonie I think. 

The second and most favorite item purchased for a mere $13 which I got in pink....but of course!

They are promoting it for dorm use, so they are showing it with a water, coffee mug, and ipod/phone type stuff.  So don't allow what they show you the use should be to dictate what it could be used for.  For me personally I hate having stuff (ie junk) all over my night stand (not that you could tell that recently by looking).  Plus I'm trying to get better at applying all the potions and lotions at night.  You know the night cream, the eye cream, the hand/feet cream, and lip stuff...etc.  I get into bed all ready to snuggle down, and shot....I didn't put anything on, and I refuse (lazy) to get up and walk over to the dresser and do it. 

Hence the bed caddy.  It comes with a long sleeve with a metal rod in the end that you slip under your mattress and/or box spring to keep it there...and mine hasn't moved..even with weight in it.  I do use the facial tissue box for its purpose, and the pen/pencil area and I keep a note book in the caddy for any ideas I get whether they be blog related or just shopping list.  I also have my magazines for late night reading and my book in the large back compartment.  The other two from compartments shown with a coffee mug is where I keep my favorite hand/foot night cream. The other one is where I keep my facial night cream, eye cream and lip product.  My glasses also find a home so my cats can't play with them at night, when I ignore them.

Since starting this system I have been really good at applying these things nightly only missing a few times.  And you know what....I noticed a difference.....funny how actually using something consistently will make a difference.....hmmm... you were wondering...the storage stuff is all by Gear Box Sport and are available in green, blue or pink.

Well hope this gives you some ideas for your own rooms.

Caitlin xoxo


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