Monday, August 30, 2010

Dry Shampoo

Hey Chicas,

So there is some buzz these days around dry shampoo...and to my surprise many don't know about them.  Well I'm here to educate you about them.

First off the pros,
  • less time to get ready in the morning
  • less hair products used
  • less heat damage on hair
  • less drying on hair (from product/blow dryer/heat)
  • help to increase the staying power of your hair color
So what does dry shampoo do?

Well the products websites basically all say the same thing.  They help to rejuvenate dull lifeless and greasy hair, leaves hair feeling clean and fragrant, minimizes the need to wash hair frequently, maintains color longer in color treated hair, is quicker and more convenient then regular washing, zap odor and oil in between washes etc,etc.

Why you shouldn't wash your hair everyday?

You need to give hair and scalp a break, washing too much strips hair of natural oils and even color.  Of course it depends on the texture of your hair if you have course dry hair or thick, you may only have to wash it once a week (I know but I've seen it done!), those that have fine, limp hair (hello? yes that would be me!) may be able to get away with it once every 2-3 days.

If you wash your hair everyday and want to switch it patient!  The first few weeks will be a little hard on you.  Because your scalp is so used to washing everyday,  therefore the natural oils your scalp produces, will want to work in overdrive to ensure that they can make the oil coat your hair before you wash it again.

That is why you feel the need to wash your hair everyday, your scalp is overproducing the oils, due to over washing.  The trick is that you can re-train your scalp to produce less oil.  After a few weeks you will notice that your hair gets less oily, which allows you to feel more comfortable between washes.

But especially in the summer with the heat and sweat no one will make it every other day of washing without a little secret.  And if you have event to go to at the end of the day, it can be your lifesaver, and make your hair look super fresh!

Dry Shampoo will be your BFF.  A lot of reviews are very negative in my opinion, but many of them are just trying them for the first time and it takes a while to get the oil in check, but I swear it does happen.

I guess that I have been using dry shampoo for.....omg nearly 5 that's a while.  So my opinion will be very truthful, but keep in mind that the brands that work for me may not work always work for you.

The trick is, with any brand, to comb your hair, obviously, and what I do is comb the side of your hair back as if putting it half up but keep the brush on your head, that way the visible roots are showing.  You can then spray with the can about 8-12cm away, the trick is to let it sit there for about 5 mins.  The stuff needs time to work.  I generally put the stuff in my hair in the morning then wash my face, get dresssed etc..then I rub the white powder into my roots with my finger tips.  Then you can reapply if need be.

If you are unsure if these are for powder, or cornstarch are a good beginning point.  But remember these will not absorb too much into the hair, and will be left with a more visible white particles.

Give it some time for your scalp to readjust, and you'll be surprised how much time you can save in the mornings.

Post to come on my fav. brands!

Caitlin xoxo


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