Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Foot Saver

Hey Chica's!

I'm sure that we all have those shoes that we had to buy regardless of the comfort level.  Come on you know that you have.  The shoe to the right is actually not too bad the problem is that the lining is not leather.  Meaning that your foot will sweat, the sweat will cause your foot to slip down in the shoe, squishing your toes up in the front, and thus causing the friction which leads to the blisters and sores.

Well I have the solution - the Band-Aid Blister Block.  You can pick this up at any store such as a drugstore or walmart/zellers type stores for around $9.  I picked it up in the early summer.  Last summer was a rough one for my footies, the summer heat just killed my feet and left me with only sandal type shoes.  Which is very frustrating when I have lots of other shoes I wanted to wear.  That was not happening this year.  And it worked!  I know I was super pumped too!

Its a great size for your purse, which means that you can easily take it anywhere with you.  It is like a deodorant stick in which you just twist it up and use it. 
It has no smell, and I still have loads of it left.  The best part it doesn't have to be used only on your feet either...if you have a zipper rubbing on your back or side put the blister blocker on it and it will help.

I was very skeptical of this when I first picked it up, and I was in a major need of a blister saver.  Now you are not supposed to put it on if you already have a blister starting or chaffing.  But I don't follow directions always and put it on a nearly formed blister, and it worked.  A friend who doesn't really wear heels all that often purchased it and used it on the day of the wedding she was attending.....and in her words "It was UNBELIEVABLE!".  So the testing is solid.

What you do is start with clean, dry feet, and rub the blister blocker over the areas of your feet that normally get blisters, such as your heel, the side of your little toe, the side of your big toe, and I do the top of the foot where the shoe stops.  It puts a nice almost like a makeup primer silky feel to the areas.  This silky feeling is the barrier that stops the blisters from forming as there is no rubbing from your shoe.  The shoe just slides over it like.....almost like panty hose but way way better!

The Band Aid Blister Block is a must have for the summer months and even if you wear shoes bare feet all year round.  It is soo nice to have on your fav shoes and not have to worry if you have to go bare foot after lunch!

Have Happy Feet!

Caitlin xoxo


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