Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey Chicas,

So yesterday as an awesome day!  Its not that I did anything really exciting, or went anywhere or did anything out of the norm of my life.

I just felt really good about myself for some reason.  But the funny thing that I found out, which people have told me but I never really believe/listened to them, that when you are happy, you do make others around you happy as well.

Now just calm down, I'm not going to go all preacher on you guys, but I'm just pointing out an observation. I'm not usually the happy go-getter in my group of friends.  If there is a negative point, that is what I zoom in on, and can't let it go.  But I have been following another blogger Kandee Johnson, and she is the most optimistic, positive, and kindred spirit type of person that you will, for sure, ever having the pleasure of reading about!  When I first started reading her blog, I was like "Wow" this person is soo fake, there is no way anyone can be that positive about things...just not possible.  And I take it all back, in fact, I even feel guilty about even thinking that way about her. 

She really has a unique and heartwarming way to reach out to her followers and make you feel special and important.  Repeating her message in my head really helps to reinforce what the people around you think about you and how they view you.  I have come to realize in both my own life and in others, that you are your own worst critic! 

Picture taken from Miss Kandee's Blog Site
You can always find something wrong about you whether it be about you hair, or your makeup isn't even, everyone is going to be looking at my pimple, my shoes..etc.  The list can go on and on!  But hey guess what you are not the center of everyones universe.  (not trying to sound mean here, but its the truth).   People are not looking at you trying to find faults, because no one looks as closely to you as you do to yourself.  That pimple you tried soo hard to cover, and just couldn't get it to be "perfect" no one else sees it.  You do because you know its there, but to anyone else it looks fine, great even.

Women are soo hard on one another, always trying to judge and ridicule others.  Men don't do this....why?  Well because it is a big waste of extra energy.  Honestly think about it, how much time of your day is wasted thinking like that about yourself/others.  Too much if it is any at all.

After reading Kandee's blog posts,(and yes I've read them all) I have really put forth a great effort to not be such a Negative Nellie.  I am by no means, a personality like Kandee's but I'm working to improve it, and that's what matters, trying is all we can ask of ourselves and others to do.  I think Kandee would agree.

So that is enough positiveness out of me for one day, or actually for awhile likely...haha.  But please just have a read through some of her posts, I know it will bring a smile to your face for the day, and hopefully you can share that with those around you. 
 If everyone could get just a little bit of Kandeeness in them, the world would be a more enjoyable space.

Caitlin xoxo


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