Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunless Tanners - the holy grail!

Hey Chicas,

I am going to go ahead and plow along with this blog, with hopes that it will catch on *fingers and toes all crossed*, at least in the Atlantic Provinces!

So, it is now basically August, and us maritimers know that summer is almost over……one blissful month left (sigh). That being said, looking tanned is important to me regardless of the season. So I thought I would give you a run down on what has worked for me, so that you…..yes you….can stay looking sunkissed long after August has left us.

I am an esthetician by trade, not currently working in a salon….unless my friends and family count that visit my house…..but I still keep up with the new trends and products. I have tried professional products, and drugstore products.. lo-and-behold I have found one of each that works wonderfully well.

Today, let's discuss the drugstore one, as I'm assuming that's what the majority of you can get your tanned little hands on ;). It is new this year, as far as I know, and it's the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day. The Canadian website doesn't have this under their list of products, even though it is included in the picture on sunless tanners (strange much?). Hopefully it is only a little glitch as, it's a great product but no one will buy it if they can't research it. It is so very annoying when us Canadian's see it in the states on TV or whatever, and then cannot locate it in Canada…we are just as important as the consumers in the USA ya know! Whatever, I did track it down on the USA site Sublime Bronze so you can check it out for yourselves. But it says "Flirt with a tanned look without committing. The new Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel gives you the beautiful tint of bronzed color that lasts up to one day. The unique wash-off formula, made with natural caramel colorant and golden pears, is quick-drying and gives a sun-killed glow. Apply one layer for sheer look or add more product for deeper color. Simply wash it off with soap and water whenever you are ready."

So down to the review – it's a big bottle, can't seem to locate it right now but its about the size of a body moisturizer. It will last forever….forever!!! You only need a tiny tiny amount to get the bronze glow, it works on the body, and face. My face is super sensitive to breakouts and I wore this thing straight everyday for 2 weeks, and nothing, nada, zip not one pimple in response. Not saying that will work on everyone, but my skin seems to be a good tester. You can actually layer this stuff, the only caution that you have is BLEND…make sure that you take into your hairline, your ear, behind your ear, your neck, because if you don't blend really really well you will have a slight line, but it does cover with foundation that you wear soo…not a killer in my books. I put it on with a pair of latex gloves, I got the box at walmart so it was cheap, you can reuse the gloves too I just rinse them off like I would my hands, double duty it was always a great money saver! You do have to BLEND, I know I said that already but its worth repeating, you have to basically rub it in until it is dry to your touch, and if you didn't have enough to do the section you are working, you will get streaks, it needs enough product to blend well into the skin, because it's a gel, it dries quickly and absorbs into the skin so if you don't have enough that is what causes the streaks – the lack of sufficient product during application, not the product itself (believe me I speak from experience). The smell, well its nothing that I find offensive, and I don't even know if there really is one to it, maybe there is, and I'm just not sensitive enough to it, either way its fine with me. It gives a glamorous bronze color and I find when I wear it, I don't need as much foundation coverage on my face *thumbs up to that*. It does wash off with your regular face wash, no need for fancy ones.

So to sum it up I LOVES IT!!!! Its great, its cheap (walmart carries it, shoppers is a lot more expensive so why pay more for it when you can pay less right?), it works, what more can I say. It will defiantly be a repeat purchase for me, I just hope that they don't stop carrying it in the winter months :S.

Hope to post soon,

Caitlin xoxo


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