Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cry Proof Mascara

Hey Chicas,

So as I had mentioned in an earlier post, last week was rough.  I was in a little fender bender, due to the other driver not stopping at a stop sign.  Its a little more then just a "fender bender", but I'm recovering really well now and have learned some very valuable makeup lesson in the whole process!  (a little trivial? sure, but best to look on the bright side of the issue, me thinks! lol)

If you are looking for mascara that is lengthening, separating, and waterproof without actually being made waterproof (so you avoid the chance of there being any possible tar on your eyelashes) I have found it!

It is Revlon Lash Fantasy, and mine is in blackest black (do I ever see much difference from black to blackest black....well not that I can say, but I always buy the most possible darkest one).

The website states "Revlon Lash Fantasy Total Definition™ Mascara nourishes, thickens and lengthens lashes with amazing clump free definition!
- Vitamin enriched primer nourishes, lifts and makes lashes look up to 70% longer
- Mascara delivers thickness and rich, intense color impact that lasts all day, without smudging or flaking
- NEW Lash Separating brushes comb through every single lash for beautiful clump free definition"

I can't really argue with them on anything.  It does make my eyelashes look longer and thicker, it doesn't flake on to your checks, and you get very, very minimal clumping (i think mine is just getting old).

I am on my second tube and have gotten a third.  I never, and I mean never, buy two of the same mascara.  I'm always looking for something better/newer to try.  But this one it seems to have stuck.  I love the primer (which is the white end), it doesn't clump on my eyes and really helps to coat the lashes.  This helps the black mascara look longer, then you have less coats of black to apply.  The black goes on without an issue.  I like that the brush is not rubberish in the bristles, and it's not really thick/wide so when I do the backs of my lashes (which helps to cover the whole lash and make them stand out more) the brushes doesn't ruin my eye makeup.  I have rarely, like once on every blue moon, had to use a eyelash brush to comb out any clumps.

I don't think that a good mascara should have to be combed out to look good.  But maybe I'm alone on this, leave a comment with what your thoughts are (please and thank you).

And back to my discovery, I had the whole thing under control. I got witnesses names and numbers called the police, i was shaking, but I was not crying, I was being strong!  For the time being soon as I called my Mom to get Dad to come, and heard her voice, I was done for.....the tears just kept coming and coming.  Then when my Dad did show up I just cried and was pathatic really.  So i cried for longer then I'm willing to admit.  But after my eyes were puffy and red (not such a great look) I had to go the hospital, and I didn't even check myself out before going to walk in.  Right before the doors I looked at my Mom, and I was like "OMG what do I look like? Is there mascara runnin' down my face!?".  To which she said "No", but please, moms tend to tell us we look great regardless, so I ran to the bathroom, and lo-and-behold not one smudge of mascara could be found on my face.

I had thought that I was pretty good when I was in the DR and went into the pool, it didn't move. Now after my "experimental crying fit" I know it is a kick ass mascara. And before people start saying "oh well you obviously got the water proof one". I am here to say NOPE, it is not waterproof, they do sell that but I didn't get it! It is the standard old normal non-waterproof. But to me it has proved itself it can be waterproof, and will be the mascara that I go for from now on.

Before Mascara - lashes only curled
After Mascara - 1 coat primer - 2 coats mascara

I thought that I'd show you a shot of my eyelashes before mascara, and after applying the Revlon Lash Fantasy, to show you how awesome they make eyes look.

Caitlin xoxo


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