Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey Chica's,

I have a slight pet peeve with eyebrows.  They frame your need to take care of them and maintain them, to showcase your face in the best possible way.

There is more to maintaining your eyebrows then just having them waxed or plucking them.  There is the trimming as well.  Take the picture below...yes the woman got her eyebrows waxed...but waxing doesn't take care of the length of the eyebrow hair.

 So I'll go through a picture step by step to help you achieve the perfectly groomed eyebrows!

First off all you need is two items.  A pair of small, sharp, and pointy scissors.   An old, cleaned mascara wand, or a disposable one, that comes in a package from the drugstore.  Either one will work.

So first step is to brush your eyebrows up wards towards your hairline as such. As you can see the hairs that show above the wand...are too long and need to be trimmed down a bit.

You don't want to be like those old men whose eyebrows curl and stuff right?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

 To trim them you take the scissors, but do not cut straight want to cut with slants. You want to take a few hairs at a time, having blunt eyebrow hair is almost worse than not trimming.

So take a few hairs at a time with the scissors first pointed up to the left, then the next section with the scissors  pointing to the right and down, and keep switching the directions up..this is what allows for the natural looking fall of the eyebrow hairs.

If you follow these simple steps, with only two tools needed you will have nicley groomed eyebrows to frame your beautiful eyes and face.  But it's easy to do, and you can just start by taking small snips.  Until you are comfortable with the scissors then you can do more.  Remember that you can always cut more but its pretty darn hard to put it back.  The length will grow again, but not very quickly so its not a beauty regimen that needs to be repeated weekly by any means.

Please excuse the lack of makeup on these pictures, its been a rough week. 

Caitlin xoxo


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