Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Plans

Hey Chicas!

So how was your weekend.  Mine was very productive, and I'm not being sarcastic at all!  We spent Saturday on the hunt for some plants.  And by we I mean my mom and I.  There was a plant sale, and all the profits were going to a charity, so what better time to buy some plants.

 So lets back it up just a little bit....This is the before picture of the outside of the cottage.  Ummm I little eh....umm GREEN right. Yeah that's what  we all thought to.

It was a total DIY, fix-er-upper and it's been a work in progress for a few years now.  The inside has since been completed for a while and the outside has been painted and etc, but the landscaping needed a little alot of something-something.

First off was paint, and I can proudly say that my mom and I painted the whole cottage ourselves (a little help from my Dad for the tall parts) the front, sides and back!  

So we did the planning a little backwards.  We bought the plants, all of them for under $40, to that was awesome, but then we needed to decide what we were going to do with them.  Hello, Mr. Photoshop..

click on pic for a larger view
  I'm no expert at this but I think that it helped to at least visualize the look we were going for.  Not that the final result ended up this way, because it didn't, but it was a good guide.

I can prove all my hard work, but not by pics yet (they are on a dead phone at the moment, up tomorrow), but by the physical evidence......

yeah umm..ouch is a total understatement.  

Lets just keep in mind that this is a day after as well.  I have a lot of healing to do.  To see a post on how not to this click HERE.  To here how I am attempting to fix the above issue, stay tuned!  

Oh and if you want to see the flower beds finished......I suppose you should check back too. :-)

Caitlin xoxo


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