Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Bronzer - Calling all Fair Skinned Beauties, you'll want this!

Hey Chicas!

(Just a little shout out to the lovely ladies I saw at Shoppers at lunch,
I hope you enjoy my blog!)

So spring is coming (supposedly), and then comes summer, and we all want to get that bronzed look, whether it be natural or with products.  The issues that lies with girls that have fair skin, is that sometimes bronzer looks a little off, it's too dark, and if its the right shade there's no pigment, just sparkles.  It's a major pain in the ass to find.

I think that I have found something that will work for most people that are on the fairer side.  Now I do get quite dark in the summer, even though I wear at least 30 spf!  But in the time span of fall - spring, I go back to being pretty fair.  And the bronzers that I loved when I was dark, just make my face look dirty. 

Enter the Pinkish Bronzer (totally not a good name to call it, but the creativity in me is lacking today). 

I picked up this Quo bronzer on clearance at Shoppers before Christmas for like $8.  It was way to expensive for what it was, I thought at full price.  As you can see it has a nice pink/golden bronzer effect.  

Image: Mine!

The pink is key to giving you a nice rosy glow, but still being a bronzer.  I love it!  As you can see there was some brown/bronzer around the leopard spots, but it's received some lovin'.  I was kinda hoping that the brown/bronzer was solid and not just topped off, but oh well! But was nervous to share it with you because, well I got it on clearance, and what's the point talking about something that you guys likely won't be able to find. 
Image: Google
 I had thought about it before as Too Faced has its own version (likely came before Quo, but who cares!) but that stuff is pricey, too pricey for me to recommend to you to buy - as I wouldn't pay for it myself.  I was really getting annoyed because this Pinkish Bronzer is awesome on fair skin, just enough warmth but not dirty, and I like to share!

Finally, another version came out, saw it at Shoppers on the weekend, by one of my fav companies.  Annabelle - Leopard Bronzer

Image courtesy of Annabelle Cosmetics

It is awesome! It doesn't have as much pink, which is likely a little less scary for some of you that are envisioning pink bronzer (which it is not, I promise).  I swatched it at the store, and it is really really similar to the effect that the Quo has (more peach, which when I think about it, is better as fair skin tends to be pink), and look at the pictures, its even closer to the Too Faced!  Plus it's a totally doable price. 

The nice golden brown and peach tones really help to give a sunkissed look without being.......well bronzed/dirty (as it can appear on fair skin) looking, no risk of really overapplying the color.

So whether you have been searching for a new bronzer, or missed out on the Quo, or just can't stand to pay out for the Too Faced, Annabelle has you covered. 

I can think of at least 4 friends right off the top of my head that this color of bronzer would be awesome on!

Caitlin xoxo


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