Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Salon Shoppe - My Scent Refillable Atomizer Refill

Hey Chicas!   

I had totally planned on doing this review/tutorial before I left for the long weekend.  But alas, that didn't happen at all.  So I hope that you all in Canada had a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend, me, myself, I'm still trying to recover from my shopping trip down to South Portland!  And for all of those in the USA, I hope you enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!

Moving on to my super late post........I have found a super awesome little gadget!  Well gadget, probably not, but cool none-the-less..

I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond, regular $13.99 and on sale for....k are you ready for it!? $2.77!!  It's pretty cool.  This is about the cheapest version that I could find, Wal-Mart has some there for about $5, so $14 is a little steep.

It is a "close out" sale and can likely be found up a center isle, but I'm assuming that there are many people that don't know the value of this, as there a heap of them at the store!


These video was filmed after a day of work, (and I recovering from a sore throat), and removal of contacts was a necessity, but I really think that a demo was necessary to show you the actual value of it.

Basically, this thing awesome!  I took it on my trip, and had no issues, and I really enjoyed not having to take a big a$$ bottle, and not having to worry about the bottle breaking or anything like that.

If you have a lot of perfumes, or just one favorite that you want to take everywhere!   This will allow you to carry the scent you want wherever you go, without having to buy 2 bottles of it - one for home, and then a travel size bottle.  So if you do my style of math, that means you could buy a new scent, as you don't have to have 2 of the same! (right?) haha.  See I knew you'd like my logic :-)

Caitlin xoxo


Anonymous said...

I found this product mostly unresponsive. It is difficult to fill it from another spray bottle. Once you manage to get some perfume into it, it seems to dissipate quickly, either due to leakage or air evaporating it. Then the sprayer itself ceases to function. I think it is a waste of money unless I truly got a lemon. But I'm not going to invest in a replacement.

Caitlin said...

Oh wow! That's a completely different experience than I had with mine. Mine is still going strong, and the scent hasn't decreased, that I've noted anyway. Hopefully it was just a lemon, the two that I've filled are still good. Hopefully you get a better one soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Well listen to this, I've just bought one for.....wait for it...... 69pence wow. It works perfectly.

Caitlin said...

That's awesome, mine is still going strong!

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