Monday, May 16, 2011

Protecting your Email

Hey Chicas!
So, this past weekend was crazy busy, I apologize for the lack of posts.  I really did have good intentions, but they just didn’t get realized. 
I was in St. John New Brunswick from Friday to Sunday, taking a course, and it was intense, but not at the same time, but what can you do.  I get this updated email message on my new phone, (which I will do a post about soon, let’s just say it’s awesome!), from my brother inlaw that I sent him a Viagra email from my email account.  Hmmm…well first off, my email account sent spam {crap}, second how the heck did it get my password {double crap}, and thirdly it was pretty funny (afterwards).  So then I sent myself on a witch-hunt.  Trying to determine where my information might have been obtained from.
First off, I’m not an expert on these things, but my family is pretty good at the tech stuff, so I thought that I’d share my experience at trying to regain my account, and protect others.  This just covers the steps that I took to change things; it may not work for everyone’s computer issues though.

1.       Changed my email password (duh) made it more complicated, this is a good link to help you beef up the password.
2.       Changed my FaceBook password. (note: email and FB, should have different passwords not the same…oppsies).
3.       I also managed my apps on there.  I had some that I added near the beginning of FaceBook, a few months years ago.  Because you know that the apps can access your information, and your friends right?  They basically store information about you, so I thought that a number of those weren’t worth the trouble at all!  Just think about it, do you really need the app that tells you what Twilight character you are?
4.       I unlinked a number of email accounts that I had, and removed, deactivated, deleted some other accounts that I really have no use for. 
5.       I unsubscribed to a number of email newsletters, like from Suzy Shier, WalMart etc.  You never know when they can sell your information!  Besides I get flyers and go to the mall, do I really need to receive the information twice, from different sources….likely not.
Obviously these are not all inclusive list of items, but they are easy, and fast to do, just take a quick look at your own accounts.  You don’t want to have to worry that someone has stolen more from you then just your password, change it iup before they get more. (gosh that last part sounded like a public service message J)
Caitlin xoxo


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