Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My First Swap!

Hey Chicas!

So this was an exciting start to the week, let me tell you!  I finally, and I do mean finally got a package from the states.   It took a ridiculous 5 weeks to come, and my package to the states took less than a week.  Can't quite figure that one out, but soo glad that it came.

I was contacted by a subscriber of my channel, who always was said wonderful and nice things to me about my videos, in doing a swap.  At first I was like well I don't know, but then the more I thought about it the more stupid I would be to not do it!  So she wanted some Annabelle Eyeshadows (can't get in the states) and I wanted something from Walgreens (only in the states) so it worked out wonderfully.

The box, was covered in Hello Kitty stickers which was such a nice gesture, but the best part was it wan't just the face cream I wanted, but other goodies as well!

So for staters the cream...
hasn't broken me out yet, but also haven't seen the results that I was expecting so I'll keep you guys updated
ELF Mascara and MAC Zoom Lash
Paris Hilton Siren, and various perfume testers, which are great to keep in your purse for emergencies
Benefit eyeshadow primer, BareMinerals facial primer, Clinique eye cream, Yes To Carrots Body Butter
Nile File, ELF Natural quad, Lip Shine, two Avon lipstick samples, ELF sharpener, Nivea touch of Flavor
Wet n'Wild T-Shimmer eyeliner, Rimmel Navy Eyeliner
Balmshell - Who's your Caddy?
So I got spoiled and love everything, just wanted to share with you guys that some people are still super nice and generous!

Wanna watch a video instead click below...

Caitlin xoxo


katelyn_tweedy said...

Love your makeup in this video! You look very fresh! What are you wearing??

Caitlin said...

Ah thanks Katelyn! I have the tutorial filmed for it, just have to edit it and I'll post it! :)

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