Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dry Hands?

Hey Chicas!

This about having extremely dry hands.  Its a followers request.  So if you have something you'd like to share and/or ask, please either comment or send me an email...!

So moving on, over the years I have come up with a little system to keep my hands looking healthy.  I have created a video below that's just for your eyes!  Thats right, only my blog peeps will see it, no youtubers!

Don't you feel special now :)

All the products are in the video but here is list...I doubt that it will make much sense out of context but here goes........
- olive oil
- brown sugar (white sugar, Epsom salts)
- Shortening
- hair elastics
- plastic bags
- large bowl filled with warm water
- Hand Cream

Watch the video to cure your curiosity about the products ;)

Caitlin xoxo


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