Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey Chicas!

I always seem to go through a trend with at home scents.  Once I'm loving the Body Shoppe scented know the ones you place in a special disk thingy, and put a candle underneath.  Then I'm on to candles...then I'm on to nothing.  But the issue is that I like the scent, but want the look of a candle.  I'm all about the ambiance..hehe.

So I was wondering the isles of Winners, one of my fav places to be!  And I found the best smelling candles, like EVER!  I thought the food was actually in front of my nose.  So for $16 a piece I thought why not?

I got one in Vanilla Glaze, smells more like vanilla and cupcakes, but still freakin' awesome. 
The other one is Apple, and boy does it smell, like you just bit in to a big juicy red apple.  Perfect for fall, and I think for spring too!

So after purchasing the candles, I thought I'd so a little stalking, err research on the brand....

In the fall of 2008, Laura Slatkin unveiled the NEST Fragrances Collection, an exquisite collection of twelve scented candles as well as an unsurpassed holiday edition. NEST Fragrances was launched at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and fine specialty stores worldwide.

So I was like WHA??? I have a candle that Neiman Marcus AND Bergdorf Goodman sold!  OMG I haven't even been  to those stores, but still amazing!

The Nest Line is available through the Project Art Home by Nest at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $20ish. Not too bad right? The candles have just as must scent once lit, and from upstairs I can smell the candle burning on downstairs, that pretty powerful scent. It is a double wick, and 651 g, and boasts a 125 hours of burn time. But I don't know, mine has been lite for a long time on many occasions, and its still not half gone. So it will do ya a good long time.

So I don't know if you are maybe looking for a gift idea, or wanna try it for yourself, but these are awesome!

 Caitlin xox

ps.  Happy Birthday Mommy!!!


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