Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Makeup Tips - Blush

Hey Chicas!

I thought that since this month of December is very busy with lots of parties and gatherings, I would share some makeup tips to help you look your best.

Today is about blush!  Now, the winter months can really drain the color out of your face, especially mine...

See the difference, crazy right?! So this winter I'm am not using self tanner, none!  I do have a really really good one, that has never ever streaked on me, but I'm going to go au-natural this season! (fingers crossed that I can actually do it!).  Its hard to maintain that health glow that we all had in the summer, but you don't really need to have self tanner or even bronzer to get it back! 

All you need to use is blush!  Yup, I suggest using two shades, one deeper/darker, and the other one a lighter/softer shade of the same color family.  Now you can use one shade of blush, but it won't be soo effective in giving you that natural flush. 

The video gives you the best description of how to use the application techniques, so I"m not really going to attempt to describe it in writing.  But in the video I do use a light bronzer, that is only if you want extra contouring to your face, on a daily basis I just skip the bronzer and use the blush.

Products used:
ELF Bronzer - Warm
NYC Mosaic Color Wheel - Pink Cheek Glow
MAC Hello Kitty - Pretty Baby
         Dupe (well not really but its a nice effect): Joe Fresh Blush - Pink

Tip- An angled blush brush will allow you to apply the blush in the most controlled manner for this application.  A flat topped brush is best for blending out hard edges, or just softening them up.

Hope this helps your holiday makeup routine!

Caitlin xoxo


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