Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decor

Hey Chicas!

So we are decorating for Christmas this we should be, gosh its only 2 weeks away!

We have been working on the mantle in the family room. 

We had purchased these cone like things. They can be found everywhere, they look like trees and have silver sparkle over a black wirelike thing.  They are semi see through, with a wire wrapped around in a cone shape but not fully encased it does have spaces and gaps in it.

 I thought they would look a little more festive if they had some glow coming from them.  So I decided to place the Sylvania Dot-it lights just on the inside of the cones.  It was super easy and simple to do, all we did was add it, and its easy to turn on and off.

The end result is a gorgeous glow that really reflects off the little crystals on the tree.  The gaps in the wires show a really intricate design of light and shadow on the wall and ceiling.  I love adding a quick little fix to things to jazz it up.

The rest of the mantle looks something like this....hopefully it inspires those of you, who have yet to decorate!

Caitlin xoxo


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