Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas DIY Gift

Hey Chicas!

Thought that I'd show you my awesome idea! (humble...nope..haha)  All in all it costs under $5, I have made those for myself and they work wonderfully for makeup brushes.

You only need 4 different items:

  1. Square Class Container ($1.25 dollarama)
  2. Colorfill (used for floral arrangements, found at Michael's one bag will fill 2 brush holder DIY, if you use a 50% off coupon comes to $6)
  3. Satin Ribbon (2 complementary color ribbons or a reversible one, like I had, found at Michael's, can use coupons, mine was on clearance for $4)
  4. Craft Glue Gun (can be found at dollarama for a few dollars) 
Just a little tip, for my BF's don't make one yourself, you may be getting one from me!!!! 
(click on the pictures to have them enlarged)
  Steps for making your own brush holder 
  • gather supplies (duh)
  • measure the width of the container, leaving 1/2 inch of overlapping fabric
  • hot glue the ribbon on to the container
  • keep in mind what the glue will look like from the inside, its glass so you will see it

  • measure the width of the container, and double the ribbon length
  • fold the ribbon over and secure with hot glue 
  • the first ribbon bow you want to be the opposite color from the ribbon on the container, simply so it pops out more and can see the detail of the bow, mine is double sided
  • ensure that the bottom ribbon bow is shorter than the width of the container as you want to be able to see the ribbon around the container
  •  follow the same procedure for the smaller ribbon bow, using the same side of ribbon as whats around the container
  • ensure that the length of the second ribbon bow is smaller then the first so you can see the black behind the leopard print bow
  • place a small dot of hot glue in the middle of both ribbon bows to make the middle stick together and the outside flare out
  • basically to make it look like a bow
  •  glue the two ribbon together in the middle to secure them as one
  • cut a length of ribbon that is able to wrap around the ribbon bow
  • ensure that this is the opposite color as the ribbon wrapped around the container, it should be the same color as the bottom ribbon bow
  • fold the ribbon, width wise in half, to make it narrower
  • glue only the middle of the folded ribbon together
  • you don't want to have to fold dried hot glue around the ribbon bow, it will just make it easier
  • wrap the folded glued ribbon around the bow (to make the center of the bow) and secure with hot glue on the back side of the ribbon bow
  • simply put a square blob on the back of the finished ribbon bow and attach to the ribbon on the container
  • fill with the colorfill up to the bottom of the ribbon
  • fill up with your fav brushes!
And that is it my friends.  Hope this gives you some quick diy ideas for gifts!

Caitlin xoxo


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