Saturday, November 13, 2010

A night out - not to happen

Hey Chicas!

So me and the BF decided to go out the movies tonight, we haven't in such a long time.  We actually decided to go to see Morning Glory, because it has a good Canadian girl in it, and we both love her, but obviously for different reasons.

So I get myself all ready, and we eat a late lunch, and just a snack, because we have to prepare for the popcorn at the movies.  Because please, no one should ever go to the movies and not get popcorn, blasphemy lol.  Now I don't go all out, we usually share the kids pack.  1. Its cheaper, and you get more for the money then the small popcorn, so that's what we do...don't judge...haha.

So we left home a little early, and decided to go to Timothy's to get a large White Hot Chocolate, skim milk, no foam. But no they had closed, (of course they did) they have the best hot chocolate hands down.  But since I really wanted one, I broke down and went to Starbucks, not my fav, but what can you do.  I got a large or "Vente"...yeah whatever....Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate....its ok, but for damn sure not a Timothy's!

We get a kick ass parking spot at the movies....its looking pretty good, right? Yeah, well it looked good, but remember looks can be deceiving.  We go to click on the 2 adult tickets, and do you know how much the freakin' tickets are?  No seriously DO YOU??  It was $11.99 per person!  Now, I don't think that I'm cheap, I spend money on quality things, but is sitting in a cold ass theater for 2 hours tops, really worth 12 bucks?  Well it is most definitely NOT worth it to me.  It would have been with tax all in for the two of us, and sharing, SHARING a snack, would have cost around $35!  For under 2 hours of "entertainment", ummm no freakin' thanks.

Maybe I'm being crazy cheapo here, but really think about.  They need to rethink the pricing strategy, they have gone up just over a year, it used to be $10 something, and $9 something the year before.  Are they really that dense that they don't know the information age, or is that they don't care to understand it?  Because as far as I'm aware, you can download them for |FREE off the Internet.  I have a pretty good source that I trust, and he has quite a few movies, new and old, some that are still in theatres, and you can watch them on me I've seen it.

So, this was our protest to not pay that much money on a movie, please, I can wait until $5.99 Tuesday prices, or check it out online.  Either way you will not find me paying over $10 for a movie ticket, in crappy chairs, and most likely a smaller screen and freeze for the hour and a half showing.

So here is to movies at home, popcorn from the microwave, couches and blankets!

What are your thoughts on the prices? Are they crazy? or am I?

Have a cozy weekend 
Caitlin xoxo


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