Monday, November 8, 2010

Montreal Style

Hey Chicas!!

So Montreal style is pretty intense.  The ladies don't really go anywhere without looking totally done up for the seriously they do.  The hair is totally done up, with the puff of course, they never wear flats unless they are the over the knee boots, otherwise they are heels.....and high heels too!  I really don't know how they navigate the malls in the heels that they wear, but they do, but they do walk more slowly then most people, not that they care.

The makeup, oh gosh the makeup....its is intense for sure.  Not all but most of the ladies always wear black eyeliner, which there is nothing wrong with.  But they wear it all around the eye, like all around, in a thick line, not at all smudged out.  Think Egyptian type. Now, I think it is a little much, but it does make the eye stand out a bit more, but not to the extent they do it, it should more of a thin line, but still there.  They are always reapplying lipstick/gloss you never see a bare lip, something that I'm a little guilty of...hehe.  Since being here, I have defiantly applied eyeliner a little heavier then I do at  home, goes to show that you do adjust yourself to the surroundings.

So the style is a little different, for sure.  But you can always take some aspects of the cultural influences and apply them to your style.  For me I'm going to be applying eyeliner a little bit more frequently and heavy, be more cautions of my bare lips, and rock heels a little bit more.

Just a little insight on the style up here, kinda different then PEI

Caitlin xoxo


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