Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pimples Suck!

Hey Chicas!

I think that I would be hard pressed to find someone to argue with that statement (but hey its the web, so you never know).

I've had many issues with the dreaded pimple.  It all started in grade 8, and got worse in grade 9.  I know some people see my face are like oh you don't have any issues with it.  And I just smile and say thank you, all the time thinking in my head, thank god my concoction is working for me!  It started in grade 9 taking medication for my face...yup it was that bad.  So I was able to stop taking them when I reached university, leaning myself off the 4 a day to just 1 a day and then to none.  I haven't taken any medication for a few years now.  

Anyway, not that I'm giving you my sad history, but just a little context to my pimple history (that sounds kinda gross eh?).  So hence, when I see a breakout starting, my mind goes back to what it was like and what if it happens again?.....

So I have been using this little system for a while now, and when I do breakout it has proven to be effective, and when used correctly and everyday, it defiantly does the trick!

Here are my go-to keepers...

Yup, nothing earth scattering, but tried true and tested.  

Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pad.  I know it has some alcohol in it, yes I know my stance on it, but really this Sh!t is awesome.  I generally only use it at night after I have cleaned my face, just to ensure that all the makeup is off, and any traces of dirt/grim etc is removed.  It does sting a little, but I really haven't found it drying to my skin at all, which is awesome.  The price is around $6ish and you get like 90 pads, so its cheap and cheerful.

Second it is like my bff, for over 2 years (some friends don't even last that long..hehe).  Clean & Clear persa-gel 10, 10% benzoyl peroxide.   Unfortunately, for us Canadians, we can only get the 5% strength (I think, let me know if I'm wrong, though), I pick mine up during my yearly trips to Maine.  Its the only spot treatment that seems to work.  This one tube will last you about 1 year, if you don't overuse it. 

Thirdly, this is like my new favorite toy...

Picked it up at Wally-Mart for around $5.  FreeMan Facial Clay Mask - Avocado & Oatmeal.  Clay masks are perfect for oily skin, the clay will basically suck up the excess oil in your skin, taking the impurities right along with it.  As the mask dries, it will get tight and dry (duh), so avoiding the eye area is really really important.  I've used it all over my face, and as well for spot treatments.

This is how I use the products, on my face on a daily basis.  

After I have washed my face, I apply the Noxzema pad, concentrating on the problem areas.  If I feel a spot coming or have one to deal with, I do these next steps if my face is clear, the Noxzema pad is totally enough!  If I have a problem area, I apply the benzoyl peroxide to the area, and let it dry (I usually do my teeth at this stage, if we wanna get all specific).  Next, which is what I think really is just the icing on the cake.  I apply the Clay Mask over top of the benzoyl peroxide on the problem area.  I leave this mixture on the area the whole night, because the clay mask dries it won't stain your sheets or clothes - just as long as you wait the few minutes for the clay to dry.

That's how I deal with the issues, to ensure that my skin is nice and clear.  I caution you to avoid using it heavily if you are not overly oily, because you will get some dry spots on the areas.  But for me a little dry patch is much better/easier to deal with then a big ass pimple.  

I really think that the use of both acne medications the salicylic acid (Noxzema Pads), with the benzoyl peroxide at 10% (Clean & Clear spot treatment), really hit both areas of problem pimples.  And with the clay mask holding in all the treatment all night will ensure that the medication gets properly absorbed into the skin.

So this is my magic solution, obviously nothing is perfect, but its as close as I can get it.

Caitlin xoxo

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