Saturday, September 24, 2011

A new shake on Sparkle Nails!

Hey Chicas!

So hows your weekend going?  One more day to enjoy before Monday comes....make the most of it!

I wanted to try out a new nail look, that I have been seeing online lately....the one with the sparkles on the tip!

I tried it and I just LURVE it!  I'm just beyond, its soo easy to do and super quick and the impact is fabulous! (just a point of context, this post took easily 2-3 times longer than actually doing the nail look)

So the tools....
1. Sparkles...well duh.  A lot of the blogs were talking about the Martha Stewart Glitter.  I don't know about you, but Martha Stewart items are not generally known to be friendly on the pockets.  So I picked up some Superfine Glitter packages at the Dollararma in the craft aisle.  They have a number of colors to chose from and you get 6 different colors for one dollar!  So yeah, feel free to share this stuff with your BF as it will last you a good long time!  The best part about this product is that the glitter really is super fine, not big and chunky making it really easy to apply to the nails :)

2.  The nail polish of your choice, I used Essie "Made to Honour", and Essie "To Dry For" top coat (which is my favorite ever).  The polish is a real neutral and makes your nails look so shiny and healthy, double bonus!  I used my ELF Concealer Brush, as it has nylon bristles, so any small craft brush will totally work to pick up the glitter.

So the fun stuff.  First off, apply a base coat, to help protect your nails from the glitter when you have to remove it.  Next apply one coat of your chosen nail polish wait until tacky dry.  Then when you are going to apply the glitter, apply the second coat of polish only to 2-3 fingers, you don't want the polish to get to dry before you get the glitter on the nail.

I chose a pink/rose champagne tone sparkle, to go with the polish.  Feel free to match sparkles or go bold and use contrasting colors!

So for the application of the glitter, make sure that the nail you are applying the glitter to is still wettish.  Dip the top of the brush into the packet of glitter.

The brush should look like this after you have picked up the glitter....
try to keep it on the tip, just makes for less fall out, no biggie if you can't/don't, as I didn't...hehe

Then all you need to do is a gentle patting motion while placing the brush with the glitter on the tip of the nail...

Slowly make your way across the top of the nail.  Don't worry about the straight edge of the glitter that's not what we are going for here, just get the glitter on the polish (when still wettish).

Once the glitter is on the tip, your brush will still have some glitter on it (umm obviously it's glitter, that crap sticks to everything - you have been warned!) simply go over the edge of the glitter line and down onto the nail itself.  This will give your nails a dipped into glitter look, and make it look like the glitter has fallen down on to the nail on its own.  It's just a little more natural that way. (I totally laughed out loud as I typed that...glitter natural? oh if only!)

Simply repeat the process for the rest of your digits!  Once you have the look that you want let it dry, no like really dry, so the glitter sticks to the polish really well.

See how I have some random sparkles below the tip, it just looks...*cough* more natural....

The top coat is really the only tricky part of this whole process.  As the sparkle doesn't have to be perfect, believe me the more loose sparkles on the nail the better, so no stress k?

To ensure that the sparkles don't gravitate fully on down the nail, you'll have the apply the top coat to the nail polish section only first then apply to the sparkles on the tip second.  If you simply apply it the standard way, the second pass on the nail will transfer the sparkles on the base, which isn't bad but avoidable.  I recommend two coats to get the sparkles semi smooth and not too rough to the touch.

And there you have it, a totally over explained (hopefully not under) tutorial on how to get updated sparkles for your nails.

 It's a great way to rock sparkles in a grown up way, it's not your younger sister's sparkle nails!

Let me know what you think, and if you've tried it!

Caitlin xoxo


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