Friday, April 8, 2011

Got Roots? In your hair that is...

Hey Chicas!

So, I have totally found my solution to hair regrowth.  Its actually not a new product at all, I love stumbling across products that have been around for a while, means that the it has stood the test of time!

So I'll give you the background about my hair color, well the short shortish version.  Basically, it boils down to having the color stay into long, by a "professional" and having to get it cut off, TWICE!

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Ever since I have been trying to keep it semi natural and avoiding any heat to help it grow long.  That was going along ok, but then last summer the color was just horrendous, like almost black with light blond streaks, it was very skunk like.  So needless to say that I have been a little scared basically to put any color in it.  But it hasn't been colored since last July, which is pushing it.

But I was getting a little over the whole root thing, with the ombre effect.  It was great at first because the color faded fairly well into my natural but the blond didn't really.  It just got to that length grown out stage  where it wasn't so cool....

I was at Shoppers and this pink bottle just caught my eye, on the bottom shelf next the hair dyes. 

Fanciful #23 Frivolous Fawn

It states "Golden Tone Enriches Dark Blonde Hair. Fanci-ful covers, all temporary color needs in one step: Enrich dull, faded color, ADDS highlights and shine. BLENDS away new gray, CORRECTS brassiness: CONDITIONS to restore shine and manageability to hair." 

How you use it is pretty damn simple: Shampoo, conditioner, rinse and towel dry hair. Shake bottle well. Pour into your hand and work through you hair.  It washes out the next time you wash your hair.

My mom used to use this on her hair, oh a few years ago, so I figured for only $10 sure.  Check out the video for my verbal description of what I thought might happen to my hair.

Well I love it!  Doesn't ware off onto your clothes or sheets, washes out the next time.  So don't freak when you see the water kinda brown/dirty looking, it's not you, just the temp. color!  Anyway, I totally think that this is my savior for hair color.  If you are looking to extend the length between colorings, if you are trying to fix a bad color job, or if if your trying to get rid of the dullness, regardless of natural or dyed this stuff will work!

I love it, you'll love and for $10 everyone will love it.  So I think it's worthwhile checking out the color selection to see if there is one that will work with your hair color.

I have attached some pictures to show you the difference of the color of my hair, and how it looks different with Fanci-full!
The pics on the left are mostly the afters, and the ones on the right and top middle are my hair color before.

Plus, if you click on the image it will get way bigger, and the pics chosen were for the hair color, not necessarily the facial expressions! :)

So if you do purchase it and try it, please please please leave a comment and let me know what color you got and how it worked for you!

Caitlin xoxo


Anonymous said...

the color looks pretty and your review is helpful too. can u please tell me can i blow dry and flat iron my hair after applying it?

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