Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Hey Chicas!

So I think it's now safe to say that Spring has Sprung.  Why you might ask.  Well because we experienced our first thunder storm last night.  So since the ground is gonna be wet and soggy for the next few weeks months, one needs to ensure that ones foot ware is appropriate.

Having said that, how many people remember duckies!?  Yup those ugly things, that always hurt your heels and pinched at your toes.  Mind you they did keep the feet dry but really, who wants to seen wearing those suckers! 

Yeah um...not me thank you very much!  So I did some searching/wandering around the stores to see what are some other more stylish and inexpensive options.

I found the best BEST selection at WalMart, I snapped some pics with my phone.  They are all around $25 and you can rock a variety of different styles.

 Do we all see the ones with the chains!  I think those are just awesome, if you want some rubber boats with some kick!  And another nice thing is that they aren't the tall calf height ones, the are more mid calf/ankle height, which makes them look even less like rubber boats! :)

 If animal print is more your thing, WalMart has you covered.  From a really nice leopard print (not tacky at all) to a more abstract zebra print.  If you love you some denim then they got
that as well.

And finally if you like a more fun girly print (like what you had in childhood) then they have an awesome black with pink trim with little flowers or starts (can't remember exactly what, but I know I liked them!).  And finally another option for the denim lovers a two tone one,
in the shorter length.

They are honestly well priced and very cute styles, I'm especially loving that they are different heights!

Dry, Stylish Feet,

Caitlin xoxo


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