Monday, April 18, 2011

Prom/Party Dark Dramatic Sultry Look

Hey Chicas!

I know that many people are planning for prom!  I remember when I was getting ready for prom, it was THE biggest deal.  But back then, we didn't do different colors of eyeshadow, it was just one solid color, no one every did shading, or three tones on the eyes.  So my eyeshadow was just silver, and I do believe that I still have it in my collection, should really evaluate that one!

I thought that I'd do a look that was a throw back to that but soo much cooler.  I really made a conscious effort to keep the products inexpensive and easily available.  The technique isn't hard either!

The inspiration came from an ad in a magazine, cannot remember what the ad was for...perfume....maybe.  Dunno, doesn't matter anyway.

if you know the ad, let me know...I want to give credit
I know that mine is different, but its an "inspiration".  What I really liked was how smokey it was but it was contained on the the lid only...which is different from what we have been enjoy!

Products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk
ELF Eye Brightening Kit in Drama
Annabelle Smoothliner - Black
Maybelline Lash Line Stiletto - Black
Sally Girl - Gun Metal
LOreal Double Extend Mascara - Black
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush - Skinny Dipping
Hard Candy Glossaholic - Lush

ELF Eye Quad - Drama

Wanna get this look?  Click Play!


Caitlin xoxo


mermaidbidisha said...

i simply loved dis tutorial...actually i was searching for sumthng like wat u did..n finally got it....!
i give u 5 out of 5 for this look :)

Caitlin said...

Oh yah! I'm glad that you liked it soo much! I just love getting 5 out of 5 :)

Kristen said...

Caitlin, this looks so good on you! Excellent work ♥

Caitlin said...

Thanks Kristen! Super easy to do, which is the best, I'm sure you could rock this too....maybe in a grey or brown? :)

Paulinha said...

super pretty and affordable products (the best part) i hate watching tutorials with ridiculous overpriced make up when you can get a less over hyped brand that get the job done with the same quality... great job!!!

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